Stevenson, James McKendrick

Birth Name Stevenson, James McKendrick
Gender male
Age at Death 58 years, 3 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1852 Weldford, Kent, New Brunswick  
Death January 4, 1910 New Hampshire, United States  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Stevenson, William
Mother McLean, Katherine
    Brother     Stevenson, Edward McKenzie
    Sister     Stevenson, Margaret Jane
         Stevenson, James McKendrick
    Brother     Stevenson, Mason
    Sister     Stevenson, Marianne Catherine (Mary)
    Sister     Stevenson, Flora Maynard
    Sister     Stevenson, Susan Anderson
    Brother     Stevenson, Hugh Mcneal
    Sister     Stevenson, Annie B.
    Sister     Stevenson, Susan A.
    Brother     Stevenson, William Brait
    Brother     Stevenson, John
    Brother     Stevenson, Isaac
    Brother     Stevenson, Thomas
    Brother     Stevenson, Donald Gordon
Father Stevenson, William
Stepmother McLean, Margaret


    Family of Stevenson, James McKendrick and Warman, Harriet Jane
Married Wife Warman, Harriet Jane
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage October 1886 Molus (Molies) River, Kent, New Brunswick  
  1. Stevenson, Hazen Everett
  2. Stevenson, Catherine
    Family of Stevenson, James McKendrick and Thurrott, Bertie Graham
Married Wife Thurrott, Bertie Graham
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage July 3, 1895 Fall River, Massachusetts James was divorced when he died in 1910


County Kent
Film 15484
Page 165
Certificate Number 6599
Date of Marriage 1886-10-06
Groom Stevenson, James M.
Bride Warman, Harriet Jane

Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 65 Number 1181
Rank 101
Date October 9 1886 Place Saint John Newspaper The Daily Telegraph
m. At residence of bride's parents, Molus River, Weldford Parish (Kent Co.) 6th inst., by Rev. S. James, James M. STEVENSON / Harriet J. WARMAN d/o Richard WARMAN

After the birth of their first child, Hazen, Harriet and her son went to live with her father, until their daughter Katherine was born. Harriet died not long after Katherine's birth. After Harriet's death, James took his children to live at his old home.

Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 76 Number 2470
Rank 60
Date March 7 1890 Place Moncton Newspaper The Times: On night of Sunday, 23rd ult., within a distance of four miles, five forms lay still in death. On Tuesday we witnessed the sorrowful specyacle of two dead bodies carried forth at the same hour from one home, that of Richard WARMAN, Molus River, Young Mrs. James STEVENSON died on Sunday eve. and her niece, little Carrie WARMAN, followed a few hours after. They were buried side by side in the cemetery at Bass River.


  1. Stevenson, William
    1. McLean, Katherine
      1. Stevenson, Edward McKenzie
      2. Stevenson, Margaret Jane
      3. Stevenson, James McKendrick
        1. Warman, Harriet Jane
          1. Stevenson, Hazen Everett
          2. Stevenson, Catherine
        2. Thurrott, Bertie Graham
      4. Stevenson, Mason
      5. Stevenson, Marianne Catherine (Mary)
      6. Stevenson, Flora Maynard
      7. Stevenson, Susan Anderson
      8. Stevenson, Hugh Mcneal
      9. Stevenson, Annie B.
      10. Stevenson, Susan A.
      11. Stevenson, William Brait
      12. Stevenson, John
      13. Stevenson, Isaac
      14. Stevenson, Thomas
      15. Stevenson, Donald Gordon