Simmonds, Sarah Elizabeth 1a

Birth Name Simmonds, Sarah Elizabeth
Gender female
Age at Death 55 years, 4 months, 6 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth December 29, 1859 Western Road, Lot 2, Prince Edward Island PEI Baptismal Index
Death May 4, 1915 Clinton, Queens, Prince Edward Island, Canada from husband's obituary


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Simmonds, Thomas
Mother Smith, Sarah Maria
    Brother     Smith, James Edward
    Brother     Simmonds, John Archibald
         Simmonds, Sarah Elizabeth
    Brother     Simmonds, Paulinus Bruce Parmines
    Sister     Simmonds, Margaret Jane
    Sister     Simmonds, Emily Emeline Annie
    Sister     Simmonds, Josephine
    Sister     Simmonds, Louisa Edith
    Sister     Simmonds, Rosella Caroline Rosie
Father Simmonds, Thomas
Stepmother Murphy, Isabelle


    Family of McLellan, George and Simmonds, Sarah Elizabeth
Married Husband McLellan, George
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage November 1881 Alberton, Lot 4, Prince Edward Island James Simmonds and James Vincent were witnesses
  1. McLellan, Mae
  2. McLellan, Rose Ella
  3. McLellan, William Edward
  4. McLellan, George Leister (Dodd)
  5. McLellan, Janie Florence
  6. McLellan, Laura Bell
  7. McLellan, Beatrice


Born in Prince, Prince Edward Island, Canada around 1861 to Thomas Simmonds and Sarah Maria Smith. Sarah was in the 1881 census with her grandparents in Lot 2.

1881 census: Household Members:
John Smith 82
Sarah Smith 75
James Edward Smith 28 (probably James Edward Simmonds, b. 1855)
Sarah Elizabeth Simmonds 20

Sarah Elizabeth married George McLellan in 1881, with Joseph Vincent and James Smith as witnesses.

History of Clinton: entry for George MacLellan - He married Sarah Simmons and they lived in Clinton probably about 1880 until the early 1900s. He died in 1939. they had five daughters and one son, namely: Rose, George (Dodd), Florence, Laura, May, and Beatrice.
Rose 1884-1971 married John Somers. John died and she married Edward Jack; he died and she married Allan Cummings.
George served overseas in WW1. He married Jean McTavish and they lived in Saskatchewan.
May, 1897-1949, married William Hickox Sr., Fredericton and
they lived in Bradalbane. May Hickox, widow of the late Wm, died Sept 23 1947 (obit from Guardian)
Beatrice, 1903-1970, married Arthur Gormley, Charlottetown,

Walter Somers bought the property from James Graham. He
married Florence MacLellan, born 1893. Walter was a butcher and
.m a meat wagon in the surrounding area. They had three children: Muriel, Fannie and Dorothy. Walter is deceased and Florrie
lives in Emerald with her daughter Muriel who is married to Wil-
iam Hickox Jr.
Fannie married Earl Chappell and they lived in Bradalbane.
«e is now deceased.

Dorothy married James Peters, now deceased. They had ten children.

Cleveland Somers married Laura MacLellan, born 1895. They carried on the business of butchering and running a meat wagon.
In 1946 they sold this house to Frank Mayhew and he had it
moved to Margate.
Cleveland, Laura and daughter Marion who had married Stan-
ley Parker while in Clinton moved to Hazel Grove in 1946, where
they bought a farm and continue to live. The Parkers had a son
Kenneth while living in Clinton and two daughters after they
moved. Cleve died in 1961.




Name: George Mclellan - 1891
Marital Status: Married
Age: 30 Birth Year: abt 1861
Birthplace: Prince Edward Island
Religion: Church of England
Spouse's Name: Sarah E Mclellan
Father's Birth Place: Prince Edward Island
Mother's Birth Place: Prince Edward Island
Province: Prince Edward Island
District Number: 135
District: Queens
Subdistrict: Lot 20
George Mclellan 30
Sarah E Mclellan 30 (1861)
Ellie Mclellan 7
Georgie L Mclellan 2



  1. Simmonds, Thomas
    1. Smith, Sarah Maria
      1. Smith, James Edward
      2. Simmonds, John Archibald
      3. Simmonds, Sarah Elizabeth
        1. McLellan, George
          1. McLellan, Rose Ella
          2. McLellan, William Edward
          3. McLellan, George Leister (Dodd)
          4. McLellan, Janie Florence
          5. McLellan, Laura Bell
          6. McLellan, Mae
          7. McLellan, Beatrice
      4. Simmonds, Paulinus Bruce Parmines
      5. Simmonds, Margaret Jane
      6. Simmonds, Emily Emeline Annie
      7. Simmonds, Josephine
      8. Simmonds, Louisa Edith
      9. Simmonds, Rosella Caroline Rosie

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