Rendle, Myra Zelena Clarke

Birth Name Rendle, Myra Zelena Clarke
Gender female
Age at Death 43 years, 3 months, 23 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth June 19, 1880 Northam, Lot 13, Prince Edward Island PEI Bap. Index
Death October 12, 1923 Melrose, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States Mass. Death Index for Myra (Rendle) Towne, in her 43rd year


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Rendle, James Bradford
Mother McArthur, Margaret Murray
    Sister     Rendle, Maria Agnes
    Brother     Rendle, John B.
    Brother     Rendle, William Spurgeon
    Sister     Rendle, Eleanor Ellis Nellie
    Sister     Rendle, Mary Ann
    Sister     Rendle, Isabelle Melissa Sullivan
    Sister     Rendle, Lillian
    Brother     Rendle, George Thomas
    Brother     Rendle, James Ernest Bradford
         Rendle, Myra Zelena Clarke
    Sister     Rendle, Ada Beatrice


    Family of Towne, Charles Warren and Rendle, Myra Zelena Clarke
Married Husband Towne, Charles Warren
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage June 30, 1903 Massachusetts, United States  
  1. Towne, Lawrence Emery


  1. Rendle, James Bradford
    1. McArthur, Margaret Murray
      1. Rendle, Maria Agnes
      2. Rendle, John B.
      3. Rendle, William Spurgeon
      4. Rendle, Eleanor Ellis Nellie
      5. Rendle, Mary Ann
      6. Rendle, Isabelle Melissa Sullivan
      7. Rendle, Lillian
      8. Rendle, George Thomas
      9. Rendle, James Ernest Bradford
      10. Rendle, Myra Zelena Clarke
        1. Towne, Charles Warren
          1. Towne, Lawrence Emery
      11. Rendle, Ada Beatrice