Campbell, James

Birth Name Campbell, James
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Death 1822 Lot 13, Prince, Prince Edward Island, Canada Launched cited a deed, page 34, will dated 1822


    Family of Campbell, James and McDougall, Elizabeth
Married Wife McDougall, Elizabeth
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1801 Prince Edward Island, Canada cash license book; Launched says license issued July 21 1800
  1. Campbell, Dugald
  2. Campbell, James
  3. Campbell, Mary
  4. Campbell, Margaret Peggy
  5. Campbell, Nancy Ann
  6. Campbell, Elizabeth
  7. Campbell, John


Alexander may have been a son.

Possible he was the James Campbell, farmer of Lot 13 with widow Elizabeth, who died around 1822. William Ellis prepared the inventory of the estate. See Early PEI Probate Records, 1786-1850, page 65, which was signed by his widow Elizabeth, and two of Elizabeth's sons in law, William Ellis and David Sullivan.


    1. Campbell, James
      1. McDougall, Elizabeth
        1. Campbell, Nancy Ann
        2. Campbell, Margaret Peggy
        3. Campbell, Elizabeth
        4. Campbell, Dugald
        5. Campbell, James
        6. Campbell, John
        7. Campbell, Mary