Campbell, Daniel Donald

Birth Name Campbell, Daniel Donald
Gender male


History of Belmont, Lot 16:

Donald Campbell settled a hundred acres in 1808. This land stayed in the Campbell name for at least 80 years.

William Campbell is another early settler who perhaps had the largest tract of land. It is reported in the Census of 1861 that of his total 400 acres, 200 was held in fee simple and the remain-ing 200 acres was held under lease. However, only 100 acres of this land was said to be arable at that time. This farm was later owned by Daniel Campbell and stayed in the Campbell name until 1922.

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Item Number RG5/S4/2 (2)/45
File Year 1787
Name Angus Cameron
Address Lot 16
Description Petitioners arrived on this Island 1785 and made a petition for land at that time which was rejected. Have since taken possession of land offered on Lot 16 and have made considerable improvements. Request licenses of occupation for 500 acres each for Loyalists Angus Cameron and Daniel Campbell who both have families, and 300 acres each for John Cook and Alexander Cameron
Governor Edmund Fanning
Date Petition Considered by Council 6 August [1787]
Council's Decision Granted, not interfering with prio grants on location; 500 acres each for Angus Cameron and Daniel Campbell and 200 acres each for John Cook and Alexander Cameron
Other Petitioners Daniel Campbell John Cook Alexander Cameron
Notes Angus Cameron and Daniel Campbell were Loyalists. John Cook and Alexander Cameron were "late of the 42nd Regiment"

In Campbell’s Deposition he claimed he “carried arms on behalf of His Sovereign on every occasion during the late War until he was under the necessity of leaving the Country” [evacuated to Jamaica, possibly December

Donald Campbell was in the 1798 census with a household of 10: 2 males and 3 females under 16; 3 males and 2 females over 16.

Names of children taken from Will of Daniel Campbell, of Lot 16, who owned considerable amounts of land in Lot 16.

Archibald and William, sons
Archibald, eldest son
Daniel (i.e. Donald)
Mary and her husband Hugh Smith, Lot 17 - youngest
Elizabeth, widow of Donald Carr, Lot 14
Barbara, w/o John McIntosh, Lot 14
Jane, w/o Donald English, who had died about 5 years earlier leaving 5 children

The will also mentions Hector McLean, tailor; Gilbert and Hugh McArthur, possibly to be paid for labour. John McDougald purchased some of the land in an auction.

His wife was called Mary Campbell several times in this document - first wife's name is a mistake, or a second wife? There was a marriage between Donald Campbell of Lot 16 and Mary McIntosh in 1815, which doesn't give the marital status of the bride and groom.

(from Early PEI Probate Records, 1786-1850 by Linda Jean Nicholson)

UEL Application says:
William (m UNK); John; Archibald (m UNK); Elizabeth (m CARR, Donald);
Barbara (m McINTOSH, John); Alexander (m LNU, Margaret); Donald (m
MURRAY, Jane); Mary Jane (aka Janet) (m ENGLES/INGLIS, Donald);


Event Date Place Description Sources
Death January 1833 Lot 16, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada    


Family of Campbell, Daniel Donald and Fullerton, Margaret

Married Wife Fullerton, Margaret ( * + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Campbell, Alexander
Campbell, John1819
Campbell, Barbara1866
Campbell, Archibald - Lot 16about 1776September 17, 1869
Campbell, Elizabeth1778April 15, 1843
Campbell, Donald Danabout 1780
Campbell, William Sr.17881870
Campbell, Maryabout 1791February 1881
Campbell, Jane Janet1798October 1834

Family of Campbell, Daniel Donald and McIntosh, Mary

Married Wife McIntosh, Mary ( * + ... )