McLean, Margaret

Birth Name McLean, Margaret
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Baptism 1827 Prince Edward Island, Canada PEI Baptismal Index
Death August 1, 1862 West Devon, Prince Edward Island at age 36, from her gravestone


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McLean, John A. Sr.
Mother McLaughlin, Jannet Jane
    Brother     McLean, Lauchlin Laughlan
    Sister     McLean, Catherine
    Sister     McLean, Ann
         McLean, Margaret
    Sister     McLean, Flora
    Brother     McLean, John Jr.
    Sister     McLean, Jane T.
    Brother     McLean, Alexander
    Sister     McLean, Charlotte
    Sister     McLean, Euphemia
    Sister     McLean, Grace Eliza
    Brother     McLean, John Alexander
    Sister     McLean, Sarah
    Brother     McLean, David
    Sister     McLean, Mary


    Family of Moreshead, William and McLean, Margaret
Married Husband Moreshead, William
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage January 3, 1856 Alberton, Lot 4, Prince Edward Island Alberton Presbyterian
  1. Moreshead, Catherine Jennie
  2. Moreshead, Mary Ann
  3. Moreshead, John Nelson


Child's Full Name Margaret McLean
Baptismal Date 15 March 1827
Officiating Clergy McGregor
Father's Name John McLean
Mother's Name Jannet MacLean
Church Name Presbyterian
Church Location Richmond Parish

On the 31st inst., by the Rev. Allan Fraser, Mr. William Morshead, of Lot 10, to Margaret McLean, of the Brea, Lot 9. The Islander – Jan 18, 1856
Another newspaper notice said she was the third daughter of John McLean.

There was a William Moreshead (Moreshade) in Lot 9 in 1861. He was married, with four children.




  1. McLean, John A. Sr.
    1. McLaughlin, Jannet Jane
      1. McLean, John Jr.
      2. McLean, Margaret
        1. Moreshead, William
          1. Moreshead, Catherine Jennie
          2. Moreshead, Mary Ann
          3. Moreshead, John Nelson
      3. McLean, Alexander
      4. McLean, John Alexander
      5. McLean, Lauchlin Laughlan
      6. McLean, Catherine
      7. McLean, Flora
      8. McLean, Ann
      9. McLean, Jane T.
      10. McLean, Charlotte
      11. McLean, Euphemia
      12. McLean, Grace Eliza
      13. McLean, Sarah
      14. McLean, Mary
      15. McLean, David