Smith, James Sr.

Birth Name Smith, James Sr.
Gender male


Not the complete family,

See Along the North Shore, vol 2 page 372. Known children were Nancy, Margaret, Kate, Jane, Hugh, James Jr., and Donald Carr Sr.

The Descendants of James Smith and Mary Carr by Ira Smith on the Island Register says children were Ann, Margaret, Jane, Catherine, Hugh, James, Donald Carr, Charles, Miriam (m. James McArthur) Mary



Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth   Scotland    


Family of Smith, James Sr. and Carr, Mary

Married Wife Carr, Mary ( * + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Smith, Margaret
Smith, Kate
Smith, Jane
Smith, Jamesbefore 1829
Smith, Hugh1786August 13, 1860
Smith, Nancy Annabout 1790January 21, 1867
Smith, Marion Miriamabout 1796
Smith, Donald Carr Sr.1805about 1848


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