Bowman, Annie Lulu

Birth Name Bowman, Annie Lulu
Gender female
Age at Death 84 years, 23 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth December 31, 1888 Prince Edward Island, Canada PEI Baptismal Index, 1889 on her gravestone
Death January 23, 1973 Prince Edward Island, Canada Mrs. William Cooper age 84 in Master Name index


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Bowman, John
Mother McFadyen, Jane Elizabeth
    Sister     Bowman, Lucy Edna
    Brother     Bowman, John Wesley
    Brother     Bowman, Ira
    Brother     Hyde Bowman, Harry Whitefield
    Sister     Bowman, Alvah Cowperwaite
         Bowman, Annie Lulu


    Family of Cooper, William and Bowman, Annie Lulu
Married Husband Cooper, William
  1. Cooper, Charles Wesley
  2. Cooper, Emma Jane
  3. Cooper, Arthur Gordon
  4. Cooper, Gordon Fulton



Annie Lulu Bowman, mother of Matilda Pearl Cooper, is in the PEI Baptismal Index. In the 1911 census, Annie Cooper said her date of birth was December 1888. This fits with her being the daughter of John and Jane Bowman, and this was confirmed by her descendants.
In the 1921 census, the family was in Southport Lot 48 where William was farming. Children were Lorne (13), Pearl (10), Lena (8), Wesley (6), Eleanor? (3) and Emma (1). Perhaps Eleanor was Elmer?
William Cooper, Southport Lot 48, is in the Cummins Atlas (1928) with his wife Annie and children Lorne, Pearl, Lena, Wesley, Elmer, Emma, Arthur, and Dorothy.
He was a Militia Sargent, Fur Rancher, and gardener.
There are graves for Mrs. and Mrs. William Cooper in the Lot 48 cemetery. Mrs. Cooper's date of death was 1973 at age 85, which fits with Annie Lulu.

Annie was raised by her aunt Elizabeth, who married Peter Green:

Household Members, 1891 census:
Name Age
Peter Green 60
Elizabeth Green 44
R M Green 24
John W Green 22
Mary E Green 20
George H Green 12
Annie Green 3 (Annie Bowman)
William Godfrey 67



  1. Bowman, John
    1. McFadyen, Jane Elizabeth
      1. Bowman, Lucy Edna
      2. Bowman, John Wesley
      3. Bowman, Ira
      4. Hyde Bowman, Harry Whitefield
      5. Bowman, Alvah Cowperwaite
      6. Bowman, Annie Lulu
        1. Cooper, William
          1. Cooper, Charles Wesley
          2. Cooper, Emma Jane
          3. Cooper, Arthur Gordon
          4. Cooper, Gordon Fulton