Saaltink, Arent Harmen

Birth Name Saaltink, Arent Harmen
Gender male
Age at Death 81 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1887    
Death 1968    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Saaltink, Hendrik Jan
Mother Strijland, Aaltje
         Saaltink, Arent Harmen
    Sister     Saaltink, Iebel Iep
    Sister     Saaltink, Maria (Rie)
    Sister     Saaltink, Elizabeth Arina Beb
    Brother     Saaltink, Hermanus Jan


    Family of Saaltink, Arent Harmen and Koeslag, M.
Married Wife Koeslag, M.
  1. Saaltink, Marie Rietje
    Family of Saaltink, Arent Harmen
  1. Saaltink, Albert Hans



Source Civil register - Marriage
Archive location Gelders Archief
General Number of finding aid: 0207
Item number: 9017
Municipality: Arnhem
Type of record: Huwelijksakte
Record number: 169
Registration date: 19-05-1915
Groom Arent Harmen Saaltink
Age: 27
Place of birth: Reeuwijk
Bride Aleida Johanna Koeslag
Age: 24
Place of birth: Eibergen
Father groom Hendrik Jan Saaltink
Mother groom Aaltje Strijland
Father bride Gerrit Jan Koeslag
Mother bride Angelina Sara Helena de la Fontaine Verweij


  1. Saaltink, Hendrik Jan
    1. Strijland, Aaltje
      1. Saaltink, Arent Harmen
        1. Koeslag, M.
          1. Saaltink, Marie Rietje
          1. Saaltink, Albert Hans
      2. Saaltink, Iebel Iep
      3. Saaltink, Maria (Rie)
      4. Saaltink, Elizabeth Arina Beb
      5. Saaltink, Hermanus Jan