Ramsay, Eliza Elizabeth

Birth Name Ramsay, Eliza Elizabeth
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Christening August 4, 1822 Prince Edward Island, Canada  
Death February 10, 1921 Knutsford, Prince Edward Island obit in Guardian 1921/05/28 pg 6


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Ramsay, Malcolm - Lot 11
Mother Boyle, Eleanor
    Brother     Ramsay, Donald
         Ramsay, Eliza Elizabeth
    Brother     Ramsay, Archibald - Lot 11
    Brother     Ramsay, Robert Sr.
    Brother     Ramsay, Thomas
    Brother     Ramsay, John
    Sister     Ramsay, Mary
    Sister     Ramsay, Helen Eleanor
Stepfather Murray, Thomas
Mother Boyle, Eleanor


    Family of Smallman, Joshua and Ramsay, Eliza Elizabeth
Unknown Partner Smallman, Joshua
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage March 8, 1854 Port Hill, Lot 13, Prince Edward Island at St. James, with Robert & Donald Ramsay as witnesses
  1. Smallman, Thomas Ramsay
  2. Smallman, William Murray
  3. Smallman, James Parmenas
  4. Smallman, Donald Ramsay Dan
  5. Smallman, Margaret
  6. Smallman, Joshua Edgar
  7. Smallman, John Archibald
  8. Smallman, Eleanor Jane



Past and Present of PEI

Mr. Smallman married Miss Elizabeth Ramsey, a daughter of Malcolm and Ellen
(Boyle) Ramsey, and to them were born the following children: Thomas, a farmer
of Lot 7; Rev. William M., who was edu-cated at Wolfville and Boston, Massachu-
setts, and is now a minister of the Baptist church at New Glasgow; James P., who
lives on the old homestead; Donald, who died at the age of twenty-six years; Maggie,
the wife of George Horn, of Lot 6; Joshua, a merchant tailor at Halifax, Nova Scotia;
John A., who is connected with the mercan-tile establishment of Sinclair & Stewart, at
Summerside; Eleanor Jane, the wife of Robert Horn, a farmer at Bloomfield, Lot
5; and James P., who now lives on and suc-cessfully operates a share of the old home-stead. He married Miss Ellen Horn, a daughter of Robert and Sarah (Gavin)
Horn, of Bloomfield, and to them have been, born the following, children: Eva, Daniel,
Edith, Hazel, Arthur, Albert and Beecher.

Mrs. Elizabeth Ramsay Smallman and her son Thomas died within a few hours of each other on February 10 1921. Her husband had died thirty years earlier.
The family consisted of six sons, Thomas, William, a Baptist minister, Daniel, who died young; James; Edgar, prominent merchant tailor of Dartmouth; John of Summerside.

Her daughters are Mrs. George Horne of Union Vale; Mrs. Robert Horne of Bloomfield;



  1. Ramsay, Malcolm - Lot 11
    1. Boyle, Eleanor
      1. Ramsay, Eliza Elizabeth
        1. Smallman, Joshua
          1. Smallman, Thomas Ramsay
          2. Smallman, Margaret
          3. Smallman, Eleanor Jane
          4. Smallman, William Murray
          5. Smallman, Donald Ramsay Dan
          6. Smallman, James Parmenas
          7. Smallman, John Archibald
          8. Smallman, Joshua Edgar
      2. Ramsay, Donald
      3. Ramsay, Archibald - Lot 11
      4. Ramsay, Robert Sr.
      5. Ramsay, Thomas
      6. Ramsay, John
      7. Ramsay, Mary
      8. Ramsay, Helen Eleanor