McDougall, Margaret

Birth Name McDougall, Margaret
Gender female
Age at Death 70 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1810 Lot 16, Prince Edward Island  
Death 1880 Prince Edward Island, Canada  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McDougall, John
Mother McDougall, Ann
    Brother     McDougall, Allan
    Sister     McDougall, Janet
    Sister     McDougall, Elizabeth
         McDougall, Margaret
    Brother     McDougall, John Richard
    Brother     McDougall, Alexander
    Sister     McDougall, Catherine


    Family of Milligan, Nathaniel and McDougall, Margaret
Married Husband Milligan, Nathaniel
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage July 7, 1836 Prince Edward Island, Canada Allan McDougall and Robert Milligan were witnesses; C of E St. Eleanor's
  1. Milligan, Arthur
  2. Milligan, John Douglas
  3. Milligan, John



Margaret was from Lot 16, so I have placed her with the family of John McDougall.
Allan McDougall was a witness when she married Nathan Milligan. Those are the only clues available as to Margaret's parents.

Milliagn Mrs. Nathaniel [nee Margaret McDougall] Summerside Journal 12 February 1880, page 3, col. 3 At her residence, St. Eleanor's Road, on Thursday, the 29th, ult., after a long and painful illness borne with patience and resignation to the Divine Will, and in humble hope of everlasting life, Margaret McDougall, beloved wife of Mr. Nathaniel Milligan, aged 70 years


  1. McDougall, John
    1. McDougall, Ann
      1. McDougall, Allan
      2. McDougall, Janet
      3. McDougall, Elizabeth
      4. McDougall, Margaret
        1. Milligan, Nathaniel
          1. Milligan, Arthur
          2. Milligan, John Douglas
          3. Milligan, John
      5. McDougall, John Richard
      6. McDougall, Alexander
      7. McDougall, Catherine