Campbell, Isabel Belle

Birth Name Campbell, Isabel Belle
Gender female
Age at Death 87 years, 1 month, 28 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth July 4, 1886 Prince Edward Island, Canada  
Death September 1973    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Campbell, John Johnstone
Mother Sutherland, Eliza J.
    Brother     Campbell, Allan Robert
    Sister     Campbell, Jemima Johnstone
    Brother     Campbell, James Gordon
    Brother     Campbell, William Johnstone
         Campbell, Isabel Belle
    Brother     Campbell, John Andrew
    Brother     Campbell, Donald
    Brother     Campbell, Archibald Preston
    Brother     Campbell, Heath Fenwick
    Brother     Campbell, George Ira
    Brother     Campbell, Grafton
    Brother     Campbell, Elwood S.


    Family of Sciacaluga, Antonio and Campbell, Isabel Belle
Married Husband Sciacaluga, Antonio
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage June 20, 1914 Kensington, Prince Edward Island marriage ended in divorce
    Family of Campbell, Isabel Belle
  1. Campbell, Harold



"An international romance was brought to light today with the news of the secret marriage of Miss Belle Campbell of Quincy to Lieutenant Alfonso Sciacaluga of the Argentinean republic, now serving aboard the Argentine dreadnaught Rivadavia on her way to home waters. It was discovered when the bride went to the Argentine consulate in Boston to certificate the marriage certificate she obtained in Prince Edward Island. The wedding occurred after a most romantic courtship. Miss Campbell was employed at a Back Bay restaurant. Lieutenant Sciacaluga dined there. He was struck by her beauty and sought an introduction. There followed an ardent courtship." (newspaper clipping, 1914)

In reference to a recent article which appeared in a recent issue of the Guardian, entitles Romance of an Island Girl, the lady referred to is the only daughter of Mr and Mrs John J. Campbell of Long River, and was married to Lieutenant Sciacaluga in June last, the ceremony being performed by the Rev. George Sutherland, minister of the Kensington and Long River Presbyterian Churches. Mrs. Sciacaluga is expected to arrive in a few days to spend the winter with her parents in Long River, Lieutenant Sciacaluga being now on this way with his ship to Buenos Ayres, from whence he will return in the spring. The happy couple have not yeat decided where they will reside permanently. Guardian Wednesday January 6, 1915

Belle and Antonio, a naval engineer, went to Argentina in 1915, returning to New York in 1920. Harold Campbell, a step-son, was with them. Isabel, "Mrs. Selacaluga, wife of Lieut. Commander Selacaluga" of the Argentine navy at present stationed in New York in 1922. She was Mrs. A. Sciacaluga in 1924.

Belle returned to New York from Argentina in 1926. Her husband (b. 1875) made a trip to England in 1929. On a later US citizenship form, Belle said her marriage ended in divorce.

Belle was married and living with a cousin in the 1930 US census, and was a widow in the 1940 US census, living with her niece Hazel Campbell Loomer in Massachusetts. In 1930, she said she was married for the first time at age 28.

Belle Campbell, July 4 1886-September 26 1973, in Geddie Memorial Cemetery.



  1. Campbell, John Johnstone
    1. Sutherland, Eliza J.
      1. Campbell, Allan Robert
      2. Campbell, Jemima Johnstone
      3. Campbell, James Gordon
      4. Campbell, William Johnstone
      5. Campbell, Isabel Belle
        1. Sciacaluga, Antonio
          1. Campbell, Harold
      6. Campbell, John Andrew
      7. Campbell, Donald
      8. Campbell, Archibald Preston
      9. Campbell, Heath Fenwick
      10. Campbell, George Ira
      11. Campbell, Grafton
      12. Campbell, Elwood S.