McArthur, Euphemia Effie 1 2a 3a

Birth Name McArthur, Euphemia Effie 3
Gender female
Age at Death 95 years, 1 month, 16 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth February 10, 1814 Prince Edward Island, Canada from the Church death record; Effie gave January 1815 in the 1900 census
Death March 26, 1909 Knutsford, Prince Edward Island buried in Bethel Bible Christian Cemetery, Lot 8
Residence 1881 Prince, Prince Edward Island  
Residence 1900   living with son George


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McArthur, Malcolm - Lot 13
Mother McDougall, Ann
    Sister     McArthur, Marion
    Brother     McArthur, John - Lot 12
    Brother     McArthur, Hugh M.
         McArthur, Euphemia Effie
    Sister     McArthur, Barbara
    Sister     McArthur, Flora - Lot 14
    Sister     McArthur, Margaret
    Brother     McArthur, Peter Alexander
    Sister     McArthur, Ellen
    Brother     McArthur, Duncan
    Brother     McArthur, George William
    Brother     McArthur, Robert


    Family of Dyment, William and McArthur, Euphemia Effie
Married Husband Dyment, William
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage January 31, 1839 Prince Edward Island, Canada Marriage Book 1832 - 1840 William Diamond B by license Euphemia McArthur S 31 Jan 1839Witnesses: Hugh McArthur Hector McDougaldA.V.G. Wiggins, Clerk
  1. Dyment, Henry Scott
  2. Dyment, Mary Ann
  3. Dyment, John
  4. Dyment, Harriet Jane
  5. Dyment, Elizabeth L.
  6. Dyment, William Harris
  7. Dyment, George McCarter
  8. Dyment, Maria Ellen



No baptismal record was found for Effie. However, when Margaret McArthur, widow of John A. Gillis died at the age of 90 in 1907 it was noted in her obituary that her sister, Mrs. William Dyment, was 96 and living with her son John in Knutsford. Margaret was born at Bedford (Bideford), the daughter of the late Malevin (Malcolm) M. McArthur. She and Effie were members of a family of twelve, all with the exception of two who passed their ninetieth birthday.

On her marriage record to William, Effie was from Lot 12. Hugh McArthur and Hector McDougald were witnesses.

Effie was short for Euphemia, the name that was given on the death certificate for her daughter Mary A. Dyment, wife of Roderick A. McNeill, who died in Massachusetts in 1901 at the age of 61. Mary Ann and Harriet Jane both named a daughter Euphemia, and Maria Ellen and Elizabeth used the shorter form Effa for their daughters.

After the death of her husband, Effie lived with her son George in Cohasset, Massachusetts, where she could be found in the US 1900 census. Effie celebrated her 90th birthday in Nantasket, Massachusetts around February 15 1905. She had been blind for two years, but had still managed to knit 19 pairs of mittens and seven pairs of stockings during the winter. According to the article, when she was younger Mrs. Dyment sheared her own sheep and dyed and spun the wool for her family. In 1905, she had 146 living descendants: 71 grandchildren (60?) and 67 great-grandchildren.

In December 1908, Effie returned to the Island, to live with her son John in Lot 7.

Effie's age at her death was given as 94 or 95. She died at the home of her son John in Knutsford.

Effie died 26 March 1909. According to her obituary, she was survived by three sons and one daughter: Henry of Tacoma, Wash., William of Springfield, and John at home, and Mrs. Henry Walsh of Nantasket, Mass.



  1. McArthur, Malcolm - Lot 13
    1. McDougall, Ann
      1. McArthur, Marion
      2. McArthur, John - Lot 12
      3. McArthur, Hugh M.
      4. McArthur, Euphemia Effie
        1. Dyment, William
          1. Dyment, Henry Scott
          2. Dyment, Mary Ann
          3. Dyment, John
          4. Dyment, Harriet Jane
          5. Dyment, Elizabeth L.
          6. Dyment, William Harris
          7. Dyment, George McCarter
          8. Dyment, Maria Ellen
      5. McArthur, Barbara
      6. McArthur, Flora - Lot 14
      7. McArthur, Margaret
      8. McArthur, Peter Alexander
      9. McArthur, Ellen
      10. McArthur, Duncan
      11. McArthur, George William
      12. McArthur, Robert

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