Brown, Henrietta

Birth Name Brown, Henrietta
Gender female
Age at Death 84 years, 8 months, 30 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth July 10, 1839 Prince Edward Island, Canada age 41 in the 1881 census; PEI Baptismal Index; July 9 on 1901 census
Death April 9, 1924 Prince Edward Island, Canada gravestone says 1840-1922


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Brown, William
Mother McArthur, Harriet
    Sister     Brown, Ann Maria
    Sister     Brown, Helena
    Brother     Brown, Arigen
    Brother     Brown, Hugh A.
    Brother     Brown, William Cornell
    Sister     Brown, Margaret Elizabeth
         Brown, Henrietta
    Sister     Brown, Veronica
    Brother     Brown, James Emmanuel
    Sister     Brown, Ellen Virginia
    Brother     Brown, Bernard Donald


    Family of Gorman, James and Brown, Henrietta
Married Husband Gorman, James
  1. Gorman, Charles
  2. Gorman, William
  3. Gorman, Thomas Leo
  4. Gorman, Isabella Harriet


Name Mrs. Henrietta Gorman
Age 89
Residence Glengarry
Date of Death 9 April 1924
Entry Number 158
Source RG19/s2/ss6: Death registration books, 1924


James and Henrietta were in Lot 13 in 1881, and in Lot 4 in 1891.

Name: Thomas Gorman
Age: 13
Birth Year: abt 1878
Birthplace: Prince Edward Island
Relation to Head-of-house: Son
Religion: Roman Catholic
French Canadian: No
Father's name: James Gorman
Father's Birth Place: Prince Edward Island
Mother's name: Nemietta Gorman
Mother's Birth Place: Prince Edward Island
Province: Prince Edward Island
District Number: 134
District: Prince
Subdistrict: Lot 4
James Gorman 51
Nemietta Gorman 50
Charles Gorman 16
William Gorman 15
Thomas Gorman 13
Isabella Gorman 11
Ann Gorman 74
Ellen Gorman 24
Source Citation

Year: 1891; Census Place: Lot 4, Prince, Prince Edward Island; Roll: T-6382; Family No: 107



  1. Brown, William
    1. McArthur, Harriet
      1. Brown, Helena
      2. Brown, Ann Maria
      3. Brown, Arigen
      4. Brown, Hugh A.
      5. Brown, William Cornell
      6. Brown, Margaret Elizabeth
      7. Brown, Henrietta
        1. Gorman, James
          1. Gorman, Charles
          2. Gorman, William
          3. Gorman, Thomas Leo
          4. Gorman, Isabella Harriet
      8. Brown, Veronica
      9. Brown, Ellen Virginia
      10. Brown, James Emmanuel
      11. Brown, Bernard Donald