McDougall, Ella May

Birth Name McDougall, Ella May
Gender female
Age at Death 93 years, 6 months, 21 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth June 11, 1885 Bloomfield, Prince Edward Island  
Divorce 1948 Prince Edward Island, Canada  
Death 1979    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McDougall, Alexander Arben
Mother Waite, Elizabeth Jane Jennie
         McDougall, Ella May
    Brother     McDougall, James Garfield
    Sister     McDougall, Mary Louise
    Brother     McDougall, Charles Preston
    Sister     McDougall, Frances Fanny
    Brother     McDougall, Alexander Herman
    Brother     McDougall, Harold Harry Collins
    Sister     McDougall, Blanche Ada
    Brother     McDougall, Frank William
Stepfather McPherson, John
Mother Waite, Elizabeth Jane Jennie


    Family of Jelly Jelley, Avard and McDougall, Ella May
Unknown Partner Jelly Jelley, Avard
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage March 18, 1907 Woburn, Massachusetts  



Media Type Textual item
Item Number RG6.1/5/ss2/1452
Host Collection Supreme Court fonds, Series 5: Case files, Subseries 2: Case files 1900-1929
Caption Ella McDougall vs Avard Jelly
Date (original) 1905

Ella McDougall

Avard Jelly


  1. McDougall, Alexander Arben
    1. Waite, Elizabeth Jane Jennie
      1. McDougall, Ella May
        1. Jelly Jelley, Avard
      2. McDougall, James Garfield
      3. McDougall, Mary Louise
      4. McDougall, Frances Fanny
      5. McDougall, Charles Preston
      6. McDougall, Alexander Herman
      7. McDougall, Harold Harry Collins
      8. McDougall, Blanche Ada
      9. McDougall, Frank William