Dyment, John 1a

Birth Name Dyment, John
Gender male
Age at Death 71 years, 11 months, 3 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth January 29, 1884 Springfield West, Prince Edward Island, Canada from WW1 attestation papers on familysearch.org, Naturalization papers
Death 1956 Massachusetts, United States Mass. death index
Occupation 1940   painter, from 1940 census and other records


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Dyment, George McCarter
Mother Harris, Sarah Jane
    Brother     Dyment, Thomas James
    Brother     Dyment, Bertram
    Sister     Dyment, Elizabeth Penrose
    Sister     Dyment, Ellen Eleanor Nellie
    Sister     Dyment, Jane Jennie
    Brother     Dyment, George Swabey
    Brother     Dyment, Alvin Robert
         Dyment, John
    Brother     Dyment, Robert Harris
    Brother     Dyment, Walter Stuart
    Sister     Dyment, Annie Anna B
    Sister     Dyment, Loretta
    Brother     Dyment, William Earl Sr.
    Brother     Dyment, Charles Harold


  1. Dyment, George McCarter
    1. Harris, Sarah Jane
      1. Dyment, Thomas James
      2. Dyment, Bertram
      3. Dyment, Elizabeth Penrose
      4. Dyment, Ellen Eleanor Nellie
      5. Dyment, Jane Jennie
      6. Dyment, George Swabey
      7. Dyment, Alvin Robert
      8. Dyment, John
      9. Dyment, Robert Harris
      10. Dyment, Walter Stuart
      11. Dyment, Annie Anna B
      12. Dyment, Loretta
      13. Dyment, William Earl Sr.
      14. Dyment, Charles Harold

Source References

  1. Library and Archives Canada: 1891 Census of Canada [database on-line]Statistics Canada Fonds. Microfilm reels: T-6290 to T-6427.
      • Date: 1891
      • Page: Prince County, Lot 7, Page 28-29, household of George Dymont