Waite, Kenneth Hazen

Birth Name Waite, Kenneth Hazen
Gender male
Age at Death 73 years, 1 month, 2 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth July 14, 1915 Springfield West, Prince Edward Island, Canada dates from gravestone & PEI Baptismal Index - middle name Hazen perhaps?
Death August 16, 1988 Prince Edward Island, Canada d. Prince County Hospital


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Waite, John Robert
Mother Dyment, Zenia Zena Jane Enice
    Brother     Waite, Sanford James
    Sister     Waite, Elveretta Elva May
    Sister     Waite, Edna Blanche
    Brother     Waite, Ivan Roy Ivey
    Brother     Waite, Alvin Garfield
    Brother     Waite, Wilbert Lee
    Brother     Waite, Eston Leard
    Sister     Waite, Edith Ruth
    Sister     Waite, Jennie Hazel
         Waite, Kenneth Hazen


    Family of Waite, Kenneth Hazen and Ashley, Florence Christine Silliker
Married Wife Ashley, Florence Christine Silliker
    Family of Waite, Kenneth Hazen


iv Kenneth Waite b. PE., m. Florence Christine Silliker, b. 23 Apr 1927, PE., (daughter of Erston Silliker and Etta Mary Georgette Lidstone).


  1. Waite, John Robert
    1. Dyment, Zenia Zena Jane Enice
      1. Waite, Sanford James
      2. Waite, Elveretta Elva May
      3. Waite, Edna Blanche
      4. Waite, Ivan Roy Ivey
      5. Waite, Alvin Garfield
      6. Waite, Wilbert Lee
      7. Waite, Eston Leard
      8. Waite, Edith Ruth
      9. Waite, Jennie Hazel
      10. Waite, Kenneth Hazen
        1. Ashley, Florence Christine Silliker