Dyment, Alton Neal Neil 1

Birth Name Dyment, Alton Neal Neil
Gender male
Age at Death 69 years, 2 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth September 23, 1926 Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States  
Death September 25, 1995 Saugus, Essex, Massachusetts  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Dyment, William Alton
Mother McKinnon, Annie Ella
    Brother     Dyment, Frederick
         Dyment, Alton Neal Neil


    Family of Dyment, Alton Neal Neil
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1852 Massachusetts, United States  


Alton and brother Alex (1924-2010) appeared in the 1930 census in the household of William E and Marjorie (seems to be a mistake - should have been Annie E.).
Alton gave the following information on his WW2 enlistment form: b. 1926, Massachusetts; single; 2 years of high school; working as a policeman. City directories gave his wife's name as Leonora after 1960.
According to the Mass. Death Index, he died in 1995 in Massachusetts. The social security claims database confirmed that his parents were William Dyment and Annie McKinnon.

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  1. Dyment, William Alton
    1. McKinnon, Annie Ella
      1. Dyment, Frederick
      2. Dyment, Alton Neal Neil

Source References

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