Auld, Mildred Edna Irene

Birth Name Auld, Mildred Edna Irene
Gender female
Age at Death about 74 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth about 1915 Prince Edward Island, Canada 1921 census has Mildred E.
Death 1989    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Auld, Archibald Allison MacKenzie
Mother McDonald, Annie Christine
         Auld, Mildred Edna Irene
    Sister     Auld, Hilda Ann


    Family of McDonald, Gordon David and Auld, Mildred Edna Irene
Married Husband McDonald, Gordon David
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage July 1, 1944 Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island Zion Presbyterian


Possible - Mildred Edna, Sept 13 1914 to Oct 12 1989

Miss Mildred Edna Auld, Charlot- tetown. to Mr. Gordon David MacDonald, Mermaid.


  1. Auld, Archibald Allison MacKenzie
    1. McDonald, Annie Christine
      1. Auld, Mildred Edna Irene
        1. McDonald, Gordon David
      2. Auld, Hilda Ann