Birch, William

Birth Name Birch, William
Gender male
Age at Death 29 years, 10 months, 10 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth January 22, 1840 South West Lot 16, Prince Edward Island  
Death December 1869 At sea  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Birch, Edward
Mother Baglole, Mary
    Brother     Birch, John
         Birch, William
    Sister     Birch, Eliza
    Brother     Birch, Thomas
    Brother     Birch, James
    Sister     Birch, Mary Jane Janie
    Brother     Birch, Dionysius George
    Brother     Birch, George Dionysius
    Brother     Birch, Louis Edward Lewis
    Sister     Birch, Margaret Susan
    Brother     Birch, Edmund Seymour
Mother Baglole, Mary


    Family of Birch, William and Keoughan, Barbara Ann
Married Wife Keoughan, Barbara Ann
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage April 25, 1861 St. Eleanors, Prince Edward Island  
  1. Birch, John
  2. Birch, Carrie Mary Caroline


  1. Birch, Edward
    1. Baglole, Mary
      1. Birch, John
      2. Birch, William
        1. Keoughan, Barbara Ann
          1. Birch, Carrie Mary Caroline
          2. Birch, John
      3. Birch, Eliza
      4. Birch, Thomas
      5. Birch, James
      6. Birch, Margaret Susan
      7. Birch, Mary Jane Janie
      8. Birch, Dionysius George
      9. Birch, George Dionysius
      10. Birch, Louis Edward Lewis
      11. Birch, Edmund Seymour