Campbell, Grafton

Birth Name Campbell, Grafton
Gender male
Age at Death 86 years, 4 months, 28 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth November 4, 1900 Prince Edward Island, Canada  
Death April 1987 California, United States  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Campbell, John Johnstone
Mother Sutherland, Eliza J.
    Brother     Campbell, Allan Robert
    Sister     Campbell, Jemima Johnstone
    Brother     Campbell, James Gordon
    Brother     Campbell, William Johnstone
    Sister     Campbell, Isabel Belle
    Brother     Campbell, John Andrew
    Brother     Campbell, Donald
    Brother     Campbell, Archibald Preston
    Brother     Campbell, Heath Fenwick
    Brother     Campbell, George Ira
         Campbell, Grafton
    Brother     Campbell, Elwood S.


    Family of Campbell, Grafton and Harding, Mary Josephine
Married Wife Harding, Mary Josephine
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage August 22, 1953    



Grafton Campbell of Holllstar, Cali- fornia io Mrs. Mary Josephine Campbell of Charlottetown, P. E. I. 1953


  1. Campbell, John Johnstone
    1. Sutherland, Eliza J.
      1. Campbell, Allan Robert
      2. Campbell, Jemima Johnstone
      3. Campbell, James Gordon
      4. Campbell, William Johnstone
      5. Campbell, Isabel Belle
      6. Campbell, John Andrew
      7. Campbell, Donald
      8. Campbell, Archibald Preston
      9. Campbell, Heath Fenwick
      10. Campbell, George Ira
      11. Campbell, Grafton
        1. Harding, Mary Josephine
      12. Campbell, Elwood S.