McPhail, Flora

Birth Name McPhail, Flora
Gender female
Age at Death 85 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1780 Scotland  
Death 1865 Clyde (Dog) River, Lot 31, Queens, Prince Edward Island  
Emigration 1806    


    Family of Livingstone Livingston, Donald and McPhail, Flora
Married Husband Livingstone Livingston, Donald
  1. Livingstone, Alexander
  2. Livingstone, Donald
  3. Livingstone, Margaret
  4. Livingstone, John
  5. Livingstone, Isabella
  6. Livingstone, Flora
  7. Livingstone, Malcolm
  8. Livingstone Livingston, Duncan
  9. Livingstone, Archibald


The Islander – Dec 29, 1865

On the 26th inst., at New Clyde River, Flora, the beloved wife of Mr. Donald Livingstone, after a few days’ illness, aged 81 years.


    1. McPhail, Flora
      1. Livingstone Livingston, Donald
        1. Livingstone, Malcolm
        2. Livingstone, Alexander
        3. Livingstone, Donald
        4. Livingstone, Margaret
        5. Livingstone, John
        6. Livingstone, Isabella
        7. Livingstone Livingston, Duncan
        8. Livingstone, Archibald
        9. Livingstone, Flora