McDougall, Pauline Gertrude

Birth Name McDougall, Pauline Gertrude
Gender female
Age at Death 65 years, 10 months, 25 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth October 16, 1891 Bangor, Maine  
Death September 10, 1957 Nashua, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, United States  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McDougall, George Bain
Mother Heffer, Charlotte Lottie
    Sister     McDougall, Audrey Bain
    Sister     McDougall, Mary Mollie Elizabeth
    Brother     McDougall, Harold George
         McDougall, Pauline Gertrude


    Family of Comstock, Rock Livingston and McDougall, Pauline Gertrude
Married Husband Comstock, Rock Livingston
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage June 18, 1915 Boston, Massachusetts  


  1. McDougall, George Bain
    1. Heffer, Charlotte Lottie
      1. McDougall, Audrey Bain
      2. McDougall, Mary Mollie Elizabeth
      3. McDougall, Harold George
      4. McDougall, Pauline Gertrude
        1. Comstock, Rock Livingston