Ramsay, John

Birth Name Ramsay, John
Gender male
Age at Death about 30 years, 3 months, 20 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth about 1800 Prince Edward Island, Canada  
Death April 21, 1830 Miramichi, New Brunswick will granted probate in 1831


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Ramsay, John “The Yankee”
Mother McKay, Catherine
    Sister     Ramsay, Mary
    Brother     Ramsay, Donald -Lot 13
    Sister     Ramsay, Christy Christie Ann
         Ramsay, John
    Sister     Ramsay, Jennie
    Sister     Ramsay, Sarah
    Sister     Ramsay, Nellie Helen - Lot 16
    Brother     Ramsay, Alexander - Lot 13


The history of Malpeque does not include a son John in this branch of the Ramsay family. According to Thomas Ramsay's family history, he drowned as a young man.

Another family tree says that he married Elizabeth Stewart and had a son Colin, born 1876. This is a John Ramsay from a later generation.

The John Ramsay who died 21 April 1830 in Miramichi, New Brunswick had brothers Donald of Lot 13 and Alexander of Lot 16, which does fit with this family. There was no mention of a wife. See Early PEI Probate Records by Linda Nicholson


  1. Ramsay, John “The Yankee”
    1. McKay, Catherine
      1. Ramsay, Mary
      2. Ramsay, Donald -Lot 13
      3. Ramsay, Christy Christie Ann
      4. Ramsay, John
      5. Ramsay, Jennie
      6. Ramsay, Sarah
      7. Ramsay, Nellie Helen - Lot 16
      8. Ramsay, Alexander - Lot 13