Banks, Stewart Ira

Birth Name Banks, Stewart Ira
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Death 1953    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Banks, Ira David
Mother Henderson, Alice Rubyzelle
    Brother     Banks, Robert
    Brother     Banks, Sterling David
    Brother     Banks, Kenneth Wayman
         Banks, Stewart Ira
    Brother     Banks, James Cody
    Brother     Banks, Byron
    Brother     Banks, Earle S.


Guardian 1951 - Congratulatlons and best wishes for their future wedded happi- ness was extended to Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Banks, who were married In Charlottetown on De- cember 8, 1951

Guardian February 1953 - Mrs. Stewart Banks and little son left for Halifax on Friday, February 7th. to take passage there for Liverpool, England.wherc she will be met by her husband. FIO. Stewart Banks

Guardian 1953: Sympathy is extended to the wife, parents, sister and brothers of the late Stewart Banks who was killed on Sept. 14. when the Jet plane he was flying crashed in Quebec's Gaspe Peninsula.


  1. Banks, Ira David
    1. Henderson, Alice Rubyzelle
      1. Banks, Robert
      2. Banks, Sterling David
      3. Banks, Kenneth Wayman
      4. Banks, Stewart Ira
      5. Banks, James Cody
      6. Banks, Byron
      7. Banks, Earle S.