Campbell, James

Birth Name Campbell, James
Gender male
Age at Death about 57 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth about 1743 Scotland  
Death 1800 Prince Edward Island, Canada another source gave 1743-1824?


    Family of Campbell, James and Townsend, Elizabeth Ann
Married Wife Townsend, Elizabeth Ann
  1. Campbell, George
  2. Campbell, Caroline
  3. Campbell, Charlotte
  4. Campbell, Sarah
  5. Campbell, Elizabeth
  6. Campbell, Alexander
  7. Campbell, Archibald
  8. Campbell, James Townsend


James Campbell (1743-1800), born in Perthshire, Scotland, was the son of Alexander Campbell and Mary Cameron Campbell of Locheil, Scotland. Sailing on the ship "Elizabeth" from London, England, James emigrated to Prince Edward Island in 1775 at the age of thirty-two to work as an agent for the firm of Clark and Campbell.

James married fellow passenger, Elizabeth Ann Townsend (1755-1829). They purchased land in Lot 21 and helped found the settlement of New London. James and Elizabeth had eight children: Alexander, James, Archibald, George, Caroline, Charlotte, Sarah, and Elizabeth.
from PARO fonds Acc2923

According to the LMM diaries, there were rumours that James Campbell had left a wife and family behind in Scotland.

Selected Journal of L M Montgomery vol 2 1910-1921 page 260-"the
original Campbell - Captain Campbell - who emigrated to Canada was a
member of the Breadalbane Campbells. There is an old family tradition
that he was really the heir to the Earldom of Breadalbane. But he made
an unhappy marriage in the old land, eventually left his wife and came
to Canada where he passed as an unmarried man and married a Miss
Townsend - a cousin of Great Grandmother Macneill's... There may be
nothing to the tale. It sprang I believe from the fact that a stranger
from Scotland had one day appeared and asked to see Captain Campbell,
averring that he brought him news of his wife and family in the old





    1. Campbell, James
      1. Townsend, Elizabeth Ann
        1. Campbell, Alexander
        2. Campbell, James Townsend
        3. Campbell, Archibald
        4. Campbell, George
        5. Campbell, Caroline
        6. Campbell, Charlotte
        7. Campbell, Sarah
        8. Campbell, Elizabeth