Bell, John

Birth Name Bell, John
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth   Scotland  


    Family of Bell, John and Little, Jean
Married Wife Little, Jean
  1. Bell, John
  2. Bell, Margaret


John Bell as a young married man immigrated from Gretna,
Scotland to Prince Edward Island in the year 1820. His wife was
Jane Little who was born in Carlyle, England. They had six (6)
sons and five (5) daughters. The Atlantic was a long and peril-
ous crossing in those days and Prince Edward Island an unknown
country They took ship at Bowness, Scotland and landed at Mir-
amichi, N.B., and then to Ch'town, P.E.I.

...after John I find the organization of the story of the Bells hard to follow. I think Margaret was a daughter of John Sr, and a sister of John Jr?


see History of Carleton PEI


    1. Bell, John
      1. Little, Jean
        1. Bell, John
        2. Bell, Margaret