Hutchinson, Samuel

Birth Name Hutchinson, Samuel
Gender male
Age at Death unknown


Pages from the Past:

The first Hutchinson crossed over to P.E.I, from Glasgow, Scotland in 1790. He was married by the Captain of the ship to Elizabeth Byers, who was coming to the Island to be employed as Governess to Governor Patterson's family. Governor Patterson was the first Governor of P.E.I.

The Hutchinsons first lived in Charlottetown; when he died as the result of an injury, his wife returned to England to educate her family. Of this family, two sons, Robert and William, returned about the year 1812. Robert became the first Mayor of Charlottetown. William came to Lot 16 about 1824, married Mary Ramsay and had a family of six sons and one daughter. Part of the land he owned is still in the family name. Family of William and Mary were Archibald, Donald, Samuel, Robert, James, William and Emily. Son William (1794-1869) remained in Lot 16, and his son, Robert, married Janet Stavert.


From the History of Lot 16 United Church and its People:

H u t c h i n s o n Family History
Samuel Hutchinson was a Jesuit priest who, in 1790, was a passenger aboard a ship out of Glasgow, Scotland, bound for Charlottetown. Also aboard the ship was Elizabeth
Wilder, the governess for the children of Governor Walter Patterson. Samuel and Elizabeth fell in love and, upon arriv-ing in Charlottetown, Samuel gave up the priesthood and
went to work on a farm. In 1792, the couple were married in St Paul's Anglican Church in Charlottetown. Although Sam-uel gave up the priesthood, he never threw out his priestly
relics. In 1900, when work was being done on his son William's house in Lot 16, a false wall was found behind which was stored his father's priestly effects.
Samuel and Elizabeth lived in Morell. One day in 1803, a bear attacked Samuel's ox. H e and his dog defended and saved the ox but Samuel died two weeks later from wounds
inflicted by the bear.

Marriage record is for Samuel and Elizabeth Wilders. Baptismal records in St. Paul's give the parents names as Samuel Hutchinson and Elizabeth Wilder.



Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth   Scotland    
Death 1803      


Family of Hutchinson, Samuel and Wilder, Elizabeth

Married Wife Wilder, Elizabeth ( * + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage October 1792 Charlottetown, Queens County, Prince Edward Island, Canada in records of St. Paul's Church of England, very small print, can't read whole date  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Hutchinson, Mary
Hutchinson, William Sr.1794December 1869
Hutchinson, James WilderOctober 6, 1794
Hutchinson, Isabel1801
Hutchinson, RobertJanuary 19, 18021866