Rogers, Robert

Birth Name Rogers, Robert
Gender male
Age at Death 71 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1809 New Brunswick, Canada 1881 census
Death 1880 Prince Edward Island, Canada  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Rogers, Anthony
Mother Ledden, Lydia
         Rogers, Robert
    Sister     Rogers, Matilda


    Family of Rogers, Robert and Ledden, Jane
Married Wife Ledden, Jane
  1. Rogers, Lydia Ann


In the 1851 NB census: Robert, Jane and children Lydia, John, Eleanor, Robert, William, Catherine, Sarah, and Elizabeth. Robert Rogers (52), his wife Jane and children William, Catherine and Elizabeth, were living in Northumberland County NB for the 1861 census. They were on the same census page as John McArthur and his wife, Matilda; given Matilda's age, she could be Robert's sister.


He is quite likely the Robert Rogers, a native of Miramichi, NB in the Bible Christian cemetery Lot 12, who died 26 November 1880, age 72.

Robert Rogers1
b. circa 1809, d. after 1881
Robert Rogers was born circa 1809.1 He was the son of Anthony Rogers and Lydia Ledden.1 Robert Rogers married Jane Ledden on 29 September 1830.1 Robert Rogers died after 1881.1
Children of Robert Rogers and Jane Ledden

Lydia Ann Rogers1 b. 10 Apr 1832, d. a 1881
John Alexander Ledden Rogers1 b. 3 Jan 1833, d. a 1857
Ellen Rogers1 b. 23 Feb 1835, d. a 1858
Anthony Rogers1 b. 7 Feb 1837 [not with family in the 1851 census]
Robert Rogers1 b. c 1841, d. a 1880
William James Rogers1 b. 1 Aug 1845, d. a 1861
Catherine Jane Rogers1 b. 1 Aug 1845, d. a 1861
Sarah Margaret Rogers1 b. 6 Feb 1847, d. 7 Apr 1924
Elizabeth Ann Rogers1 b. c 1849, d. a 1861


[S603] W. D. Hamilton, Old North Esk.




  1. Rogers, Anthony
    1. Ledden, Lydia
      1. Rogers, Robert
        1. Ledden, Jane
          1. Rogers, Lydia Ann
      2. Rogers, Matilda