Humphrey, Jannett Bowman

Birth Name Humphrey, Jannett Bowman
Gender female
Age at Death 71 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1870 New Brunswick, Canada my mother's notes give her name as Janet Bowman Humphrey
Death 1941   dates from gravestone from NB cemetery database; may have died in new Hampshire or NB
Marriage 1888 New Brunswick, Canada m. Manse, Fredericton, 8th inst., by Rev. A.J. Mowatt, John W. lister, Fredericton / Miss janet HUMPHREY, Salmon Creek (Sunbury Co.)


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Humphrey, David B.
Mother Stewart, Adelaide
         Humphrey, Jannett Bowman
    Sister     Humphrey, Dorcas Selina
    Sister     Humphrey, Gladys Sophia
Stepfather Fiddler, James
Mother Stewart, Adelaide
    Half-brother     Fiddler, John
    Half-sister     Fiddler, Ida
    Half-sister     Fiddler, Louisa Albina


    Family of Lister, John Walter Jr. and Humphrey, Jannett Bowman
Married Husband Lister, John Walter Jr.
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage May 8, 1888 New Brunswick, Canada NB vital stats online
  1. Lister, Goodridge Goodrich Roberts
  2. Lister, W. Harold
  3. Lister, Ida Josephine
  4. Lister, Marjorie Lee
  5. Lister, Dorothy Isabel


Jannett and Walter had 5 children, 4 living.

In 1927, when Jannet filled out an application for her daughter Dorothy's birth certificate, she gave her address as Quincey, New Hampshire. The family could be found there in the 1930 (transcribed as Lester) and 1940 US census records. Walter was farming (his occupation was fox farmer on his daughter Marjorie's birth certificate); they had emigrated in 1923. Their graves were in New Brunswick, and no death records could be found in New Hampshire or NB.

name: Janet Lester
event: Census, event date: 1930
event place: Rumney, Grafton, New Hampshire
age: 59
marital status: Married
birthplace: Canada, estimated birth year: 1871
immigration year: 1923
relationship to head of household: Wife
father's birthplace: Prince Edward Island, mother's birthplace: Prince Edward Island
enumeration district number: 0042
family number: 108
sheet number and letter: 5A
line number: 5
nara publication: T626, roll 1301
film number: 2341036
digital folder number: 4610733
image number: 00190
Household Gender Age Birthplace
head J Wallace Lester M 64 Canada
wife Janet Lester F 59 Canada
daughter Dorothy J Lester F 22 Canada
Citing this Record: "United States Census, 1930," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 04 Mar 2013), Janet Lester in entry for J Wallace Lester, 1930.



  1. Humphrey, David B.
    1. Stewart, Adelaide
      1. Humphrey, Jannett Bowman
        1. Lister, John Walter Jr.
          1. Lister, Goodridge Goodrich Roberts
          2. Lister, W. Harold
          3. Lister, Ida Josephine
          4. Lister, Marjorie Lee
          5. Lister, Dorothy Isabel
      2. Humphrey, Dorcas Selina
      3. Humphrey, Gladys Sophia