McArthur, Dougald Dugald - Lot 14

Birth Name McArthur, Dougald Dugald - Lot 14
Gender male
Age at Death 72 years, 6 months, 10 days


Born in 1790, Dougald could be a younger son of Hugh, or he could be Hugh's grandson, the son of Alexander and Catherine (McKay) McArthur.

Catherine's gravestone said she was survived by 9 children. Gravestone in Oyster Point - "Sacred to the memory of Catherine McArthur, wife of Alexander McArthur, who departed this life 27th of December 1807, age 37 years. Leaving a husband and 9 children."

There was a will for an Alexander McArthur, Lot 14, signed on 9 July 1839 but proved in 1870 - it seemed to be attached to the will of a younger Alexander McArthur, also of Lot 14. Named in this will, in this order, were Dugald, Hugh, James, Alexander, Archibald, Robert, Mary, Jane, Flora, Elizabeth, and Neil. Most of the children received one shilling, and Neil (Neile) inherited the farm. George and Thomas Lee were executors. PEI Probate Records, Wills not recorded," A-M, McA (misc. dates between 1786?-1930?), on

Dougald settled on the land previously held by Gilbert McArthur, signing a lease in 1815, according to a local history. The land transaction was made at the same time that Hugh McArthur signed an indenture with the landlord John Cambridge for a property on the Ellis river in Lot 14, bordered by that of Dougald McArthur.

Dougald of Lot 14 wrote his will in 1855, leaving the southeast part of his farm to his son John and the northwest part to Dougald Jr. PEI Wills, no 104; vol 6 page 253 1863

"At Lot 14, on Friday the 11th ult of dropsy Mr Dugald McArthur in the 73rd year of his age. The deceased has left a large circle of friends to whome he had endeared himself by his life and exemplary piety. He died in a full home of a glorious resurrection." The Islander 8 Aug 1862

Information on this family came from family trees on the Island Register, Climbing the Hill, page 50-53, and Pathways to the Present, page 291. Very few records have been found - there was Flora's death record, which gave her parents' names, and the contradictory newspaper reference for their daughter Elizabeth's marriage that said she was their only daughter.






Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1790 Prince Edward Island, Canada one source says born 22 Aug 1790 in Lot 14, Richmond Bay West  
Death July 11, 1862 Lot 14, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada will dated Nov 16 1855 - Climbing the Hill page 53; another source says d. 8 August 1862 Lot 14  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McArthur, Alexander - Lot 14about 1765before 1851
Mother McKay, Catherineabout 1770December 27, 1807
         McArthur, Dougald Dugald - Lot 14 1790 July 11, 1862
    Brother     McArthur, Hugh - Lot 14 about 1791 November 16, 1854
    Brother     McArthur, James about 1792
    Sister     McArthur, Mary about 1795 1874
    Brother     McArthur, Alexander - Lot 13 about 1799 April 6, 1889
    Brother     McArthur, Archibald - Lot 14 Sr. about 1803 April 13, 1885
    Brother     McArthur, Robert - Lot 14 about 1805 before 1881
    Sister     McArthur, Jane Jennet about 1806 before 1881


Family of McArthur, Dougald Dugald - Lot 14 and Ramsay, Elizabeth Betsy

Married Wife Ramsay, Elizabeth Betsy ( * August 10, 1788 + April 30, 1868 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage December 2, 1819 Prince Edward Island, Canada    
Name Birth Date Death Date
McArthur, Floraabout 1818February 20, 1883
McArthur, William H.1821
McArthur, Edward - Lot 41822April 3, 1892
McArthur, Dougald Dugald1823January 19, 1862
McArthur, Nancy18251911
McArthur, John - Lot 141827November 4, 1911
McArthur, Elizabethabout 1828June 1891
McArthur, JeremiahJanuary 30, 1829November 5, 1893
McArthur Sharpe, Ann ElizaMarch 1842April 4, 1911


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