Penman, Ann Nancy 1 2 3a

Birth Name Penman, Ann Nancy
Gender female
Age at Death about 69 years, 7 months, 1 day


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth about 1768   born between 1768 and 1781, place unknown
Death August 2, 1837 Prince Edward Island, Canada at age 69, from Launched


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Penman, George
         Penman, Ann Nancy
    Sister     Penman, Elizabeth Betsy
    Sister     Penman, Margaret
    Sister     Penman, Jane
    Sister     Penman, Christy
Father Penman, George
Stepmother Cole, Mary


    Family of Montgomery, Donald Dan and Penman, Ann Nancy
Married Husband Montgomery, Donald Dan
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage March 14, 1788 Margate, Prince, Prince Edward Island Margate Church records & marriage license dated March 5 1788
  1. Montgomery, Jane
  2. Montgomery, Margaret
  3. Montgomery, Archibald
  4. Montgomery, Mary
  5. Montgomery, Barbara
  6. Montgomery, Christy
  7. Montgomery, Helen Nelly
  8. Montgomery, Hugh
  9. Montgomery, George
  10. Montgomery, John
  11. Montgomery, James Townsend
  12. Montgomery, Ann
  13. Montgomery, Elizabeth
  14. Montgomery, Donald “Big Donald”
  15. Montgomery, Edward
  16. Montgomery, William
  17. Montgomery, Robert Hudson



Donald Montgomery married Nancy Penman, eldest daughter of George Penman. According to Margate church records, They had seventeen children, nine sons and eight daughters. Their son Donald Montgomery was a farmer and politician from Prince Edward Island. He was born in Fox Point, Princetown, Lot 18, Prince Edward Island.

Nancy's place of birth is unknown, and the name of Nancy's mother is unknown. A gravestone erected by her descendants said she died at age 69 in 1857. The death notice in the Royal Gazette gave her age as 66 years.

Biographies of a descendant, the senator Montgomery, said his mother was a native of New England.

A son named Archibald was not in the Margate records, but was named in Past and Present of Prince Edward Island. If Archibald's gravestone is correct, he was born a few years before their marriage.

Lucy Maud Montgomery said, in her selected journals, that George Penman favoured David Murray over Donald Montgomery as a husband for his daughter. He sent his brother John to get Nancy. Nancy was worried that Donald might not marry her after all. John said that if Donald wouldn't marry her, he would. "And I would have died sooner than marry John Montgomery" Nancy is supposed to have told Eliza Townsend.


  1. Penman, George
    1. Penman, Ann Nancy
      1. Montgomery, Donald Dan
        1. Montgomery, Archibald
        2. Montgomery, Mary
        3. Montgomery, Barbara
        4. Montgomery, Christy
        5. Montgomery, Helen Nelly
        6. Montgomery, Hugh
        7. Montgomery, George
        8. Montgomery, John
        9. Montgomery, James Townsend
        10. Montgomery, Ann
        11. Montgomery, Elizabeth
        12. Montgomery, Donald “Big Donald”
        13. Montgomery, Edward
        14. Montgomery, Jane
        15. Montgomery, William
        16. Montgomery, Robert Hudson
        17. Montgomery, Margaret
    2. Penman, Elizabeth Betsy
    3. Penman, Margaret
    4. Penman, Jane
    5. Penman, Christy

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