Ramsay, Jane Jennie

Birth Name Ramsay, Jane Jennie
Gender female
Age at Death less than 54 years, 3 months, 18 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth September 14, 1806 Lot 18, Prince, Prince Edward Island gave 1812 in census records
Death before 1861 New Brunswick, Canada  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Ramsay, Malcolm -Lot 18
Mother McNeill, Ann Agnes
    Sister     Ramsay, Elizabeth Betsy
    Brother     Ramsay, Malcolm
    Sister     Ramsay, Helen Ellen Nellie
    Sister     Ramsay, Penelope
    Brother     Ramsay, James
    Sister     Ramsay, Nancy
    Sister     Ramsay, Flora
    Brother     Ramsay, Charles
    Sister     Ramsay, Barbara
         Ramsay, Jane Jennie
    Brother     Ramsay, Edward


    Family of Harvey, Alexander and Ramsay, Jane Jennie
Married Husband Harvey, Alexander
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage December 18, 1835 Newcastle, New Brunswick  
  1. Harvey, James
  2. Harvey, John
  3. Harvey, Ann
  4. Harvey, Mary
  5. Harvey, Barbara
  6. Harvey, Flora
  7. Harvey, Thomas


Name looks like Jane Hawey or Jane Harvey, wife of Alex, on the indenture the members of this family signed in 1846.

Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 6 Number 716
Date January 5 1836
County Northumberland
Place Chatham
Newspaper The Gleaner and Northumberland Schediasma
m. By same, Alexander HARVEY / Miss Jane RAMSEY, both of Newcastle parish.
Married this 18th day of December 1835 by James Souter? in the presence of George Anderson and Charles Marshall.

Name: Jane Harvey
Age: 40
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1812
Relation to Head of House: Wife
Spouse's Name: Alexander Harvey
Race: Scotch (Scotish)
Province: New Brunswick
District: Northumberland County
Sub-District: Newcastle
Sub-District Number: 51b
Household Members:
Name Age
Alexander Harvey 49
Jane Harvey 40
James Harvey 14
John Harvey 12
Ann Harvey 10
Mary Harvey 8
Barbara Harvey 6
Flora Harvey 3
Thomas Harvey 1
Source Citation Year: 1851; Census Place: Newcastle, Northumberland County, New Brunswick; Schedule: I; Roll: C_996; Page: 45; Line: 36
Source Information Ancestry.com. 1851 Census of Canada East, Canada West, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2006.

Alex Harvey was a widower in 1861.


  1. Ramsay, Malcolm -Lot 18
    1. McNeill, Ann Agnes
      1. Ramsay, Elizabeth Betsy
      2. Ramsay, Malcolm
      3. Ramsay, Helen Ellen Nellie
      4. Ramsay, Penelope
      5. Ramsay, James
      6. Ramsay, Nancy
      7. Ramsay, Flora
      8. Ramsay, Charles
      9. Ramsay, Barbara
      10. Ramsay, Jane Jennie
        1. Harvey, Alexander
          1. Harvey, James
          2. Harvey, John
          3. Harvey, Ann
          4. Harvey, Mary
          5. Harvey, Barbara
          6. Harvey, Flora
          7. Harvey, Thomas
      11. Ramsay, Edward