McArthur, Margaret W.

Birth Name McArthur, Margaret W.
Gender female
Age at Death 80 years, 4 months, 11 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth September 20, 1877 Prince Edward Island, Canada 1881 census, Lot 13; Sept 21 in her obit
Death January 31, 1958 Kalamazoo, Michigan  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McArthur, Matthias
Mother Strang, Melvina
    Brother     McArthur, George Allison
    Sister     McArthur, Annie Belle
    Sister     McArthur, Minnie Etta
    Brother     McArthur, William Matthias
    Brother     McArthur, Frank B.
    Sister     McArthur, Mary Jane
         McArthur, Margaret W.
    Brother     McArthur, Donald McLean
Stepfather Davis, Nahun
Mother Strang, Melvina
    Half-sister     Davis, Augusta Adele
    Half-brother     Davis, Lewis Francis
Stepfather Whitting, Charles W
Mother Strang, Melvina


"Michigan, Deaths and Burials, 1800-1995," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 26 Aug 2013), Mathias Mac Arthur in entry for Margaret Mac Arthur, 31 Jan 1958.

father Mathias, mother Melvina Strang



  1. McArthur, Matthias
    1. Strang, Melvina
      1. McArthur, George Allison
      2. McArthur, Annie Belle
      3. McArthur, Minnie Etta
      4. McArthur, William Matthias
      5. McArthur, Frank B.
      6. McArthur, Mary Jane
      7. McArthur, Margaret W.
      8. McArthur, Donald McLean