Best, Richard

Birth Name Best, Richard
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Death 1847 Prince Edward Island, Canada from the History of Freetown PEI


    Family of Best, Richard and Newson, Elizabeth
Married Wife Newson, Elizabeth
  1. Best, Martha


From the Freetown history:

"Richard Best a son of Thomas Best who came to Westmoreland in 1817 m. Elizabeth Newson b. 1816. She came out from Hull, England in 1834. Richard was killed while constructing the first Roman Catholic Church in in 1847.

Richard and Elizabeth Best's daughter Martha one of seven children in the family m. Frank Simmons b. 1831. A son of Phillip 1799-1881 and Mary Simmons 1805-1886. "


    1. Best, Richard
      1. Newson, Elizabeth
        1. Best, Martha