Campbell, Colin B.

Birth Name Campbell, Colin B.
Gender male
Age at Death 65 years, 1 month, 8 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth October 24, 1880 Birch Hill, Lot 13, Prince Edward Island, Canada 1901 census
Death December 1945   Obituary in the Guardian Tuesday February 5, 1946 page 8


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Campbell, Hugh John
Mother McArthur, Jane Ann
    Sister     Campbell, Mary E.
    Sister     Campbell, Annie Bertha
         Campbell, Colin B.
    Brother     Campbell, John Alexander
    Sister     Campbell, Elizabeth Jane Jennie
    Sister     Campbell, Margaret Ellen
    Brother     Campbell, Albert Fraser
    Sister     Campbell, Laura Belle
    Sister     Campbell, Ina Adelaide


    Family of Campbell, Colin B. and Stavert, Jessie Ellen
Married Wife Stavert, Jessie Ellen
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage February 1, 1905 Prince Edward Island, Canada from the local history, Freetown; RG19, Series3, Subseries4: Marriage Licenses, 1905
  1. Campbell, Mary Thelma


+ 3c2c Colin B. Campbell
He moved to Freetown with the family in 1895 and in 1904 m. Jessie Stavert, daughter of Thomas and Rachel (MacMurdo) Stavert of Wilmot Valley. Colin's first farm was the M.D. MacLeod property in Rose Valley. They began their married life where Eustace Reeves lives (1985). This farm was purchased from Edward Matthews in 1903. He also, farmed 47 acres on the south side of the North Freetown Road (code 37) which he bought from Richard Simmons in 1905. He built the present house on the Eustace Reeves property. The carpenter was Judson Stavert, his wife's brother.

Colin's next move was in 1912, to part of the Fred Paynter farm (code 18) in (1985), when he bought 124 acres from Alexander J. Brown. He built the present house there. In 1915, Colin sold to Harry Moase, and located on part of the old Campbell homestead (code 34).
There he built the present house occupied by Lawrence Banman in 1985, where he farmed and raised foxes.
They had two daughters: 1. Eva, m. Stewart Burns. 2. Mary m. Hillard Moase. (See Moase and Burns history.)

Freetown, local history

Guardian January 1946
FUNERAL AT FREETOWN- The funeral of the late Colin B. Campbell was held Friday after- noon, Dec. 28th, from his late residence, thence to the Freetown Presbyterian Church.



  1. Campbell, Hugh John
    1. McArthur, Jane Ann
      1. Campbell, Mary E.
      2. Campbell, Annie Bertha
      3. Campbell, Colin B.
        1. Stavert, Jessie Ellen
          1. Campbell, Mary Thelma
      4. Campbell, John Alexander
      5. Campbell, Elizabeth Jane Jennie
      6. Campbell, Margaret Ellen
      7. Campbell, Albert Fraser
      8. Campbell, Laura Belle
      9. Campbell, Ina Adelaide