Campbell, Elizabeth

Birth Name Campbell, Elizabeth
Gender female
Age at Death 65 years, 3 months, 14 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1778    
Death April 15, 1843 Prince Edward Island, Canada Lot 16 and its People, d. 1842 in his will & admin papers


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Campbell, Daniel Donald
Mother Fullerton, Margaret
    Brother     Campbell, Archibald
    Brother     Campbell, William
         Campbell, Elizabeth
    Sister     Campbell, Barbara
    Brother     Campbell, Donald Dan
    Sister     Campbell, Jane
    Sister     Campbell, Mary
    Brother     Campbell, John


    Family of Carr, Donald Sr. and Campbell, Elizabeth
Married Husband Carr, Donald Sr.
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage License October 29, 1799    
Marriage License February 20, 1800 Richmond Bay, Lot 13, Prince Edward Island  
  1. Carr, Mary
  2. Carr, Catherine
  3. Carr, Elizabeth
  4. Carr, John
  5. Carr, Sarah
  6. Carr, Hugh
  7. Carr, Donald Jr.
  8. Carr, Flora
  9. Carr, Jane
  10. Carr, Archibald


Lot 16 and its People - Donald Carr (1776-1833), married Elizabeth Campbell (1778-1843)
and had the following children: Sophia, Elizabeth, M a r y Jane,
John, Hugh*, Catherine, Flora and Archibald.


  1. Campbell, Daniel Donald
    1. Fullerton, Margaret
      1. Campbell, Barbara
      2. Campbell, William
      3. Campbell, Jane
      4. Campbell, John
      5. Campbell, Archibald
      6. Campbell, Elizabeth
        1. Carr, Donald Sr.
          1. Carr, Catherine
          2. Carr, Elizabeth
          3. Carr, John
          4. Carr, Sarah
          5. Carr, Hugh
          6. Carr, Donald Jr.
          7. Carr, Mary
          8. Carr, Flora
          9. Carr, Archibald
          10. Carr, Jane
      7. Campbell, Donald Dan
      8. Campbell, Mary