Jeffrey, Pearle

Birth Name Jeffrey, Pearle
Gender female


    Family of Smith, George Herbert and Jeffrey, Pearle
Married Husband Smith, George Herbert
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage July 3, 1907 Alberton, Lot 4, Prince Edward Island  
  1. Smith, Earl S.
    Family of Bernard, Gordon Gladstone and Jeffrey, Pearle
Married Husband Bernard, Gordon Gladstone


Pearl went to the States in 1923 with Edna, Erskine and Earl. She said she was a widow in 1930, and remarried. On the marriage record, she repeated that she was a widow.

Gordon Bernard. l-Iaverhlil, Mass, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Earl smith and young daughter have returned to their home after spending I week as guests of Mrs. lluel Cameron. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Bernard, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Smith. Mrs. I-lszel Cameron and Mrs. Charles trip to the Eastern section of the lsiInd. s - 1950

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Bernard of Haverhill, Mass., have arrived to spend the summer at their cottage in Mill River. 1958


    1. Jeffrey, Pearle
      1. Smith, George Herbert
        1. Smith, Earl S.
      2. Bernard, Gordon Gladstone