Anderson, Alexander Jr. 1a

Birth Name Anderson, Alexander Jr.
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Anderson, Alexander
Mother Angus, Margaret
    Sister     Anderson, Janet
         Anderson, Alexander Jr.


    Family of Anderson, Alexander Jr. and McWilliams, Christine
Married Wife McWilliams, Christine
  1. Anderson, Charlotte


According to the History of Stanley Bridge, Alexander and Christine had the following children:

1. Alexander (III) b. 1790 - no information
2. Catherine (1792-1884)
3. ROBERT I (1794-1891) m. Mary Ramsay. They lived in Stanley Bridge {near
Anderson's Creek}
4. Duncan (1796-1881) m. Barbara Mclntyre (Campbellton Rd.} both died in
Wangaree, New Zealand.
5. Christine (1798-1887) m. Alexander Cousins - They lived in Park Corner
6. Charlotte b. 1800 m. Donald Ramsay - Lot 13
7. CHARLES (1802-1887) m. Isabella Dunbar - They lived in Stanley Bridge
{see Village East}
8. Jinnet (Janet) b. 1805 - died young
9. William b. 1807 - died young
10. James (1810-1846) - moved to New Orleans, USA
11. George (1813-1900) m. Elizabeth McKie and lived in Spring Brook




  1. Anderson, Alexander
    1. Angus, Margaret
      1. Anderson, Janet
      2. Anderson, Alexander Jr.
        1. McWilliams, Christine
          1. Anderson, Charlotte

Source References

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