McArthur, George Jr.

Birth Name McArthur, George Jr.
Gender male
Age at Death 23 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1869 New Brunswick, Canada  
Death 1892 Lot 7, Prince, Prince Edward Island, Canada  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McArthur, George Sr.
Mother Taylor, Ruth
    Sister     McArthur, Sarah Smith
    Sister     McArthur, Margaret Lydia
    Brother     McArthur, Thomas N.
    Sister     McArthur, Eliza Catherine
    Sister     McArthur, Hannah Alice
    Sister     McArthur, Eleanor Cordelia Delia
    Brother     McArthur, Hugh
         McArthur, George Jr.
    Sister     McArthur, Mary Jane Minnie
    Sister     McArthur, Priscilla


George and Ruth McArthur returned to the Island from New Brunswick, and were in Lot 7 at the time of the 1881 census. Their older children had been born in New Brunswick; the youngest daughter had been born on the Island around 1871. (Sarah,Thomas, Eliza, Hannah, Eleanor, Hugh, George Jr, Mary Jane)

In 1891, Thomas, Hugh, George Jr, Mary J., Bessie (grand-daughter), Samson (grandson) and Priscilla were living with George and Ruth in Lot 7. Their daughter Margaret was in a household near them with her son Edward.

They could be the family described in the 1892 issue of the Examiner. An electric storm swept through the area, from Cape Wolfe, and along the O'Leary and Locke Roads. "It struck the house of George McArthur Sr. on Locke Road, blowing it down, a piece of which struck him in the back of the neck hurting him badly. His son, after the house had fallen, went to assist his father who got jammed among the debris and got struck either by lightning or a piece of timber. He died 16 hours after. Old Mrs McArthur was badly injured, but it is likely she will recover. Hugh McArthur of the same family was carried by the wind eight chains and landed in a brook. George McArthur Jr who lives with wife and child went to the cellar when the storm began, where they no sooner got than the house blew away leaving nothing but the floor and sills."

At Locke Road, Lot 7, on the 8th uit., George, beloved son of George McArthur, in the 23rd year of his age. ‘Blessed are they who die in the Lord.” Tuesday September 20, 1892


  1. McArthur, George Sr.
    1. Taylor, Ruth
      1. McArthur, Sarah Smith
      2. McArthur, Margaret Lydia
      3. McArthur, Thomas N.
      4. McArthur, Eliza Catherine
      5. McArthur, Hannah Alice
      6. McArthur, Eleanor Cordelia Delia
      7. McArthur, Hugh
      8. McArthur, George Jr.
      9. McArthur, Mary Jane Minnie
      10. McArthur, Priscilla