Folland, Charles Ramsay

Birth Name Folland, Charles Ramsay
Gender male
Age at Death 82 years, 5 months


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth October 24, 1845 Port Hill, Lot 13, Prince Edward Island  
Death March 24, 1928 Kensington, Prince Edward Island  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Folland, Henry
Mother Ramsay, Margaret
    Brother     Folland, William
         Folland, Charles Ramsay
    Sister     Folland, Mary Ann
    Sister     Folland, Sarah
    Brother     Folland, Horatio Nelson
    Brother     Folland, Henry James


    Family of Folland, Charles Ramsay and Wallace, Emma R.
Married Wife Wallace, Emma R.
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1874 Prince Edward Island, Canada  
  1. Folland, Lyola Vyola May
  2. Folland, Edith May
  3. Folland, John Wesley
  4. Folland, Emma Celia
  5. Folland, Bertha Alberta


hild's Full Name Charles Ramsay Folland
Birth Date 24 October 1845
Place of Birth Port Hill
Baptismal Date 17 May 1846
Officiating Clergy A.V.G Wiggins
Father's Name Henry Folland
Mother's Name Margaret Ramsay
Church Name Church of England
Church Location Richmond
Record Book Number 1
Record Book Page 176

Groom's Name Charles R. Folland
Groom's Residence Lot 12
Groom's Status Bachelor
Bride's Name Emma Wallace
Bride's Residence Lot 13
Bride's Status Spinster
Source RG19/s3/ss5: Marriage bonds, 1874

After the death of his wife in 1892, Charles was working for Hugh McKay in Lot 21 in 1901, and for George Dennis in 1911.

He was survived by one son, John Wesley and three daughters, Emma Julia, [also Emma Celia in another version, wife of Albert Davidson of New York; Lyola May, wife of John Cotton, and Bertha, wife of George Davidson. He lived most of his life in Tyne Valley. Guardian Friday March 30, 1928 pg 6; Saturday March 31, 1928 pg 13


  1. Folland, Henry
    1. Ramsay, Margaret
      1. Folland, William
      2. Folland, Charles Ramsay
        1. Wallace, Emma R.
          1. Folland, John Wesley
          2. Folland, Lyola Vyola May
          3. Folland, Emma Celia
          4. Folland, Bertha Alberta
          5. Folland, Edith May
      3. Folland, Mary Ann
      4. Folland, Sarah
      5. Folland, Horatio Nelson
      6. Folland, Henry James