McArthur, Flora - Lot 14

Birth Name McArthur, Flora - Lot 14
Gender female
Age at Death about 69 years, 4 months, 5 days


Flora's marriage record says she was from Lot 13, and her death record said Lot 14.

Catherine McKay McArthur's gravestone said she was survived by 9 children. Gravestone in Oyster Point - "Sacred to the memory of Catherine McArthur, wife of Alexander McArthur, who departed this life 27th of December 1807, age 37 years. Leaving a husband and 9 children."

There was a will for an Alexander McArthur, Lot 14, signed on 9 July 1839 but proved in 1870 - it seemed to be attached to the will of a younger Alexander McArthur, also of Lot 14. Named in this will, in this order, were Dugald, Hugh, James, Alexander, Archibald, Robert, Mary, Jane, Flora, Elizabeth, and Neil. Most of the children received one shilling, and Neil (Neile) inherited the farm. George and Thomas Lee were executors. PEI Probate Records, Wills not recorded," A-M, McA (misc. dates between 1786?-1930?), on

According to a McArthur family tree on the Island Register, Flora's parents were Alexander and Catherine (McKay). If Flora had been born in 1803, as she said on the 1851 New Brunswick census, then she could fit with Alexander and Catherine. However, Flora, on the 1861 NB census was age 49 (1812), age 52 in 1871 and 61 in 1881 (b. 1819). Flora said she was born in Scotland, on the 1861 census, but in 1871 and 1881, she said Prince Edward Island. Also, having child in 1856 argues that a later date is correct. I think that Flora was a couple of years older than George, and changed her age to be the same as his on census records. If she was this Alexander's daughter - and he named a daughter Flora in his will - then she had to have been the daughter of his second wife.

Flora McArthur from Lot 13 married George Lee from Lot 19 in 1837; Thomas Lee was one of the witnesses. Thomas Lee married Mary McArthur, and Thomas Lee was also a witness when Alexander McArthur married Ellen Lee. If Flora's marriage record had said Lot 16, then this family of McArthurs would have been a good fit for her.

Flora and George don' t seem to have followed traditional naming patterns - they hadn't been in a hurry to name children after their parents.

There was a George Lee who had property in Lot 19. He had started to sell this property by 1848.

From the 1861 NB census, Flora and George had the following children: Eliza, Ada or Ann, Eleanor, Henry, Sophia, Alex, Newton, all born in PEI, and Amanda and Minnie, born in New Brunswick.

George and Flora were in the 1871 NB census with their younger daughters Amanda (18) and Minnie (15).

In 1881, they were in York, NB with married daughter Eleanor Linforth and her two sons, and Minnie and her husband William Lowry.

Flora died in 1885. d. Eve. Wednesday 6th, of paralysis, Flora LEE w/o George LEE, age 69, native of Lot 14, P.E.I. Date May 13 1885 , New Brunswick Reporter and Fredericton Advertiser

This seems to be the right George Lee:
The will of late George LEE has been read to persons interested. G. Fred FISHER, Robert COLWELL and Aleck LEE, now of Bangor, are the executors. The livery stable and opera house property, stock and fittings, and the property on Queen street, is to be held in trust for Aleck and Henry LEE, whose whereabouts is not known. Mrs. LINTFORTH (Eleanor) is to receive $300 and his daughters, Mrs. G. JONES, Mrs. James RYAN (Eliza) , Mrs. John RUSSEL(Amanda) and Mrs. Wm LOWERY (Minnie), $100 each, and his son, William LEE, $100. (see original)
Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 75 Number 2642
Rank 76 Date March 1 1890
County York Place Fredericton
Newspaper The Gleaner




Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1816 Prince Edward Island, Canada Flora gave her place of birth as Scotland on the 1861 census; her date of birth could be from about 1812-1817  
Death May 6, 1885 Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father McArthur, Alexander - Lot 14about 1765before 1851
Mother McLaughlin, Nancy
    Sister     McArthur, Katherine Catherine about 1810
         McArthur, Flora - Lot 14 about 1816 May 6, 1885
    Brother     McArthur, Neil 1819 December 4, 1898
    Sister     McArthur, Eliza Elizabeth Betsey 1822 May 23, 1896
    Brother     McArthur, Alexander - Lot 14 about 1823 March 29, 1889


Family of Lee, George and McArthur, Flora - Lot 14

Married Husband Lee, George ( * May 22, 1816 + February 19, 1890 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage February 15, 1837 Prince Edward Island, Canada    
Name Birth Date Death Date
Lee, William1838before 1881
Lee, ElizaMay 10, 1839July 24, 1927
Lee, Annie18411875
Lee, Henry1844
Lee, Eleanor Ellen1846
Lee, Sophia1847
Lee, Alexander Alec1850
Lee, Newton JohnMay 11, 18521904
Lee, Amanda18541913
Lee, Minnie1856April 16, 1927