Keir, Erskine Johnstone

Birth Name Keir, Erskine Johnstone
Gender male
Age at Death 61 years, 2 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth April 6, 1868 Alberton, Lot 4, Prince Edward Island 1868 inn 1891 census; dates from gravestone; 5 May 1867 on baptismal record
Death April 8, 1929 Prince Edward Island, Canada Hillcrest United Presbyterian Cemetery Alberton Lot 4


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Keir, William McGregor
Mother Johnstone, Barbara Ann
    Brother     Keir, John Burnet
         Keir, Erskine Johnstone
    Brother     Keir, James William
    Brother     Keir, David A.
    Sister     Keir, Mary
    Sister     Keir, Annie Florence
    Brother     Keir, Edgar


    Family of Keir, Erskine Johnstone and McEwen, Catherine
Married Wife McEwen, Catherine
    Family of Keir, Erskine Johnstone and Clements, Celia Jane
Married Wife Clements, Celia Jane
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage November 12, 1896 Massachusetts, United States 1900 US census
  1. Keir, Margaret B.


  1. Keir, William McGregor
    1. Johnstone, Barbara Ann
      1. Keir, John Burnet
      2. Keir, Erskine Johnstone
        1. McEwen, Catherine
        2. Clements, Celia Jane
          1. Keir, Margaret B.
      3. Keir, James William
      4. Keir, David A.
      5. Keir, Mary
      6. Keir, Annie Florence
      7. Keir, Edgar