Raynor, Bessie Saunders

Birth Name Raynor, Bessie Saunders
Gender female
Age at Death 41 years, 1 month, 2 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth November 30, 1882 Travellers Rest, Prince Edward Island  
Death 1924 Massachusetts, United States  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Rayner Raynor, Abram Abraham
Mother Hopgood, Henrietta Priscilla
    Brother     Rayner Raynor, David Rogers
    Brother     Rayner Raynor, Arthur Wellington
    Sister     Rayner Raynor, Lillian Lily Ethel
    Sister     Raynor, Harriet Priscilla
         Raynor, Bessie Saunders
    Sister     Rayner Raynor, Luttie Jane
    Brother     Raynor Rayner, William Hopgood


Groom's Name Frederick F Weatherbie
Groom's Residence Summerside
Groom's Status Bachelor
Bride's Name Bessie S Raynor
Bride's Residence Travellers Rest
Bride's Status Spinster
Date of Marriage License or Bond 25 March 1902
Date of Marriage Ceremony 27 March 1902
Officiant's Name Neil McLauchlin
Source RG19, Series3, Subseries4: Marriage Licenses, 1902


  1. Rayner Raynor, Abram Abraham
    1. Hopgood, Henrietta Priscilla
      1. Raynor, Harriet Priscilla
      2. Rayner Raynor, David Rogers
      3. Rayner Raynor, Arthur Wellington
      4. Rayner Raynor, Lillian Lily Ethel
      5. Raynor, Bessie Saunders
      6. Rayner Raynor, Luttie Jane
      7. Raynor Rayner, William Hopgood