Ramsay, Matilda Ann

Birth Name Ramsay, Matilda Ann
Gender female
Age at Death 84 years, 6 months, 16 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth January 26, 1872 Cape Traverse, Lot 28, Prince Edward Island, Canada age 9 in 1881 census, Lot 13 PEI. Date she gave on a gov record
Death August 11, 1956 Maine, United States  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Ramsay, Hugh M.
Mother Penwarden, Mary Ann
         Ramsay, Matilda Ann
    Sister     Ramsay, Mary Louisa
    Brother     Ramsay, Daniel Stewart
    Brother     Ramsay, John James
    Brother     Ramsay, Howard Henderson
Father Ramsay, Hugh M.
Stepmother Smith, Margaret


Matilda went to live with her married sister, Louisa Mary Cullen, in 1909, after the death of her aunt Elizabeth. She earned her living as a tailoress, in Lewiston, Maine.


  1. Ramsay, Hugh M.
    1. Penwarden, Mary Ann
      1. Ramsay, Matilda Ann
      2. Ramsay, Mary Louisa
      3. Ramsay, Daniel Stewart
      4. Ramsay, John James
      5. Ramsay, Howard Henderson