Anderson, Jennie Jeanette

Birth Name Anderson, Jennie Jeanette
Gender female
Age at Death 91 years, 3 months, 16 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1831 Prince Edward Island, Canada  
Death April 17, 1922    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Anderson, Robert
Mother Ramsay, Mary
    Sister     Anderson, Mary
    Brother     Anderson, Alexander
    Brother     Anderson, John
    Brother     Anderson, Hugh
    Brother     Anderson, George
    Sister     Anderson, Christianna Christy Anna
         Anderson, Jennie Jeanette
    Sister     Anderson, Margaret
    Brother     Anderson, James
    Brother     Anderson, David
    Brother     Anderson, Robert


The History of Stanley Bridge says she married in 1877, but didn't give the name of her husband. She died in 1922. Jennie McKay named in will of Robert Anderson.

William McKay fits as her husband -
Groom's Name William McKay
Groom's Residence Springfield
Groom's Status Widow/Widower
Bride's Name Janet Anderson
Bride's Residence Stanley
Bride's Status Spinster
Source RG19/s3/ss5: Marriage bonds, 1877

William McKay, who was born at Clifton, New Lon-don, on May 26, 1837, was there educated
and has followed farming throughout his life. He is a Presbyterian in religion, and
a Liberal in politics. To his first marriage were born three children, namely: Lemuel,
who died February 8, 1888; Charlotte, who died April 10, 1895, and the subject. On
March 13, 1877, he married Miss Jeanette Anderson, a daughter of Robert Anderson,
of Stanley. Past and Present of PEI

Janet Anderson died April 1922 at age 92, wife of William McKay.

Name Mrs. Wm. McKay
Age 91
Residence Springfield
Date of Death 17 April 1922
Entry Number 538
Source RG19/s2/ss6: Death registration books, 1922


  1. Anderson, Robert
    1. Ramsay, Mary
      1. Anderson, Mary
      2. Anderson, George
      3. Anderson, Robert
      4. Anderson, Alexander
      5. Anderson, John
      6. Anderson, Hugh
      7. Anderson, Christianna Christy Anna
      8. Anderson, Jennie Jeanette
      9. Anderson, Margaret
      10. Anderson, James
      11. Anderson, David