Lidstone, Andrew Burns

Birth Name Lidstone, Andrew Burns
Gender male
Age at Death 46 years, 11 months


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1854 Prince Edward Island, Canada    
Death December 1900 Pennsylvania, United States    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Lidstone, Richard1873
Mother Burns, Barbara
    Sister     Lidstone, Elizabeth B. May 24, 1841 January 14, 1904
         Lidstone, Andrew Burns 1854 December 1900
    Brother     Lidstone, Samuel
    Brother     Lidstone, James
    Brother     Lidstone, William
    Brother     Lidstone, John B. before 1873


    Family of Lidstone, Andrew Burns and Ellis, Caroline
Married Wife Ellis, Caroline ( * July 1855 + August 1, 1929 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1877      
Name Birth Date Death Date
Lidstone, Ella Sharp18771961
Lidstone, Pearl1880
Lidstone, Vance RoyMarch 12, 18821940
Lidstone, Fred WestonMarch 12, 1882


Obituary, The Scranton tribune., December 28, 1900, Page 5, Image 5

Mr Lidstone was a capital raconteur and he was delivering one of his best after-dinner speches when he fell forward on the table, striking his head.

Mr Lidstone was born in Prince Edward Isle, Canada in 1854 and was married in 1874 to Miss Carris Ellis. He was for 18 years the general manager of the Peerless Steam Cooker company of Buffalo, and has lived in many of the principal cities of the country.

He is survived by his wife and the following children: Mrs Nelson Garrett, Pearl, Frederick and Vance.


  1. Lidstone, Richard
    1. Burns, Barbara
      1. Lidstone, Elizabeth B.
      2. Lidstone, Andrew Burns
        1. Ellis, Caroline
          1. Lidstone, Ella Sharp
          2. Lidstone, Pearl
          3. Lidstone, Vance Roy
          4. Lidstone, Fred Weston
      3. Lidstone, Samuel
      4. Lidstone, James
      5. Lidstone, William
      6. Lidstone, John B.