Harding, Elizabeth 1a

Birth Name Harding, Elizabeth
Gender female
Age at Death about 87 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth about 1820 Prince Edward Island, Canada gave 26 Octover 1817 on the 1901 census, 1819 on gravestone Holy Trinity Anglican Cemetery Alma Lot 3-3
Death 1907 Prince Edward Island, Canada  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Harding, James
Mother Bernard, Elizabeth
         Harding, Elizabeth
    Brother     Harding, Joseph Dawson
    Sister     Harding, Sarah


    Family of Vincent, William Joseph Thomas and Harding, Elizabeth
Married Husband Vincent, William Joseph Thomas
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage February 11, 1841 Prince Edward Island, Canada PEI Marriage Registrations 1839-44 page 104; Church of England
  1. Vincent, John
  2. Vincent, Alexander
  3. Vincent, Robert James
  4. Vincent, Elizabeth Harding
  5. Vincent, William
  6. Vincent, Mary
  7. Vincent, Benjamin
  8. Vincent, James Archibald
  9. Vincent, Joseph


For information on the Harding family, see the local history, History of French River, Prince Edward Island available on the website Island Lives. The family of Samuel Bernard is mentioned in several Island local histories, including the History of Baltic and the history of Wilmot Valley.
See also The Descendants of James Harding and Elizabeth Bernard on the Island Register, submitted by Linda Harding.


  1. Harding, James
    1. Bernard, Elizabeth
      1. Harding, Sarah
      2. Harding, Elizabeth
        1. Vincent, William Joseph Thomas
          1. Vincent, Robert James
          2. Vincent, Elizabeth Harding
          3. Vincent, William
          4. Vincent, Mary
          5. Vincent, Benjamin
          6. Vincent, James Archibald
          7. Vincent, Joseph
          8. Vincent, John
          9. Vincent, Alexander
      3. Harding, Joseph Dawson

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