Lidstone, John B.

Birth Name Lidstone, John B.
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Sources
Death before 1873 Prince Edward Island, Canada    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Lidstone, Richard1873
Mother Burns, Barbara
    Sister     Lidstone, Elizabeth B. May 24, 1841 January 14, 1904
    Brother     Lidstone, Andrew Burns 1854 December 1900
    Brother     Lidstone, Samuel
    Brother     Lidstone, James
    Brother     Lidstone, William
         Lidstone, John B. before 1873


    Family of Lidstone, John B. and Locke, Mary Ann
Married Wife Locke, Mary Ann ( * February 16, 1847 + March 15, 1911 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage February 17, 1866 Prince Edward Island, Canada    
Name Birth Date Death Date
Lidstone, Barbara BurnsJune 18661915
Lidstone, George Locke18681913
Lidstone, Mary MarthaMarch 1871


Groom's Name John Brounstin Lidstone
Groom's Residence Lot 7
Groom's Status Bachelor
Bride's Name Mary Ann Locke
Bride's Residence Lot 7
Bride's Status Spinster
Source RG19/s3/ss5: Marriage bonds, 1866


  1. Lidstone, Richard
    1. Burns, Barbara
      1. Lidstone, Elizabeth B.
      2. Lidstone, Andrew Burns
      3. Lidstone, Samuel
      4. Lidstone, James
      5. Lidstone, William
      6. Lidstone, John B.
        1. Locke, Mary Ann
          1. Lidstone, Barbara Burns
          2. Lidstone, George Locke
          3. Lidstone, Mary Martha