Tillson, Edna Irene

Birth Name Tillson, Edna Irene
Gender female
Age at Death 64 years, 5 months, 27 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth July 5, 1894 Plymouth County, Massachusetts, USA  
Death 1959 Plymouth County, Massachusetts, USA Mass Death Index for Edna I. (Tillson) Raymond


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Tillson, Eden M. R.
Mother Beer, Teresa Thressa Theresa Jane
    Brother     Tillson, Charles William
         Tillson, Edna Irene
    Sister     Tillson, Emmeline Catherine
    Brother     Tillson, Eden Prescott


    Family of Raymond, Harry Alden and Tillson, Edna Irene
Married Husband Raymond, Harry Alden
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage May 29, 1913 Massachusetts, United States  
  1. Raymond, Alden Tillson


In the 1930 census, Harry and Edna, their two sons and Edna's brother Eden were in the household.

son Alden F Raymond M 15 Massachusetts
son Philip Raymond M 6 Massachusetts

In the 1940 census, Harry & Edna Irene were on their own. Harry gave Edna Irene as his contact on the 1942 "Old Man" draft card.


  1. Tillson, Eden M. R.
    1. Beer, Teresa Thressa Theresa Jane
      1. Tillson, Charles William
      2. Tillson, Edna Irene
        1. Raymond, Harry Alden
          1. Raymond, Alden Tillson
      3. Tillson, Emmeline Catherine
      4. Tillson, Eden Prescott